Do you divide it into Nico Douga or Twitch? Google's game live streaming service "YouTube Gaming" finally started

On Google's live platform where Amazon Twitch and Nyango's Nico Nico video crowded, Google's YouTube launched a new service "YouTube GamingI entered with a chance. A lot of game commentary movies have been released on YouTube from the past, but YouTube Gaming is a live streaming service specialized in game commentary, and many live streaming channels have been established right after the start.

YouTube Gaming

You can see what services YouTube Gaming is seeing by watching the following movie.

Introducing YouTube Gaming - YouTube

"YouTube Gaming"

I am playing a game at home by myself.

I can not play as well as I think ....


At that time open the PC ... ...

Go to YouTube Gaming.

Since the game you registered is on the left side of the top page, click "Rocket League" that is currently playing.

A special page will be opened where all kinds of movies on Rocket League, such as live streaming movies and capture movies, gathered.

Select a movie with live delivery from among them.

Confirmed Super Voice Super Voice with live delivery.

I thought that the play was too amazing and commented "I will try it!"

And I actually challenge SuperPlay.

You can watch a variety of genres of movies besides games you registered.

Join the chat and communicate with users all over the world.

Even if you are playing a game alone, you are connected to many colleagues at YouTube Gaming.

Now search "super mario speed run".

I will appreciate the movie to clear at Super Mario Bros. as fast as possible.

In addition, "SUGGESTED" is a movie about Super Mario Brothers.

Infinite viewing experience.

Users do not only watch and listen.

Next is your turn to deliver SuperPlay.

With a smartphone ......

You can watch anytime anywhere on your tablet.

ActuallyYouTube GamingI tried opening it. The following image is the top page, and in the middle of the screen a live thumbnail image currently being distributed is flowing.

On the left side of the screen are popular game titles including old and new. You can also login and register your favorite games.

On the right side of the screen, the channels currently delivering live movies are displayed.

Scroll down the screen to see "Live" being delivered ... ...

You can check the movie by category such as popular "Popular".

Try out the game for PlayStation 4Until Dawn - The tragedy of the tragedy -"Can We Survive the Night ?! (Until Dawn LiveStream with Chilled)" which delivered " A lot of comments are posted in the chat box installed on the right side of the screen.

Click "SUGGESTED" at the top of the chat box to display related movies.

You can check the details of the movie by clicking "DETAILS".

Although YouTube Gaming has just begun, many live comers are currently delivering games of various genres. In Japan, Nico Nico Douga and Twitch are getting popular as a game live streaming delivery service, and attention is gathered in the future development whether YouTube Gaming can be divided into it.

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