I've been eating "thick-walled hamburgers" using thick and soft patties in Lotteria

As a hamburger for "fall of appetite", Lotteria's "Heavy burger"Newly appeared on Thursday, August 27 (Thursday). As a burger using the same patties, "Domestic three kinds of mushroom thick-walled hamburgers"Temperess moon thick mouth hamburgersTwo of them joined the line-up, so we ate three together and ate.

~ A perfect burger appeared from Lotteria, perfect for the fall of appetite ~ "Heavy thick hamburger" Limited release from August 27 (Thurs), 2015!

Arrive at Lotteria

Appeal the thick hamburger even on the paper laid in the tray

All menus are complete in about 5 minutes after ordering. On the wrapping paper is "Timeless" and the mushrooms are pasted, "Egg" is pasted on the moonlight.

Looking at the three, it looks like this

Plenty of Japanese onion sauce on top of Pati

Patty uses rough ground meat of about 5 mm, Patty itself is about 20 mm thick.

However, it is not tightening to tickiness, but softness like collapsing with a hoop just by touching lightly without toothing. There is a sense that the taste of the meat is confined in this, and the taste of meanders and meat spread out in the mouth. I want to eat meat! Although it is okay when it says that, because the meat's claim is too strong, it may be pleased that there is not only lettuce but also a version that increased vegetables a bit more.

"Domestic three kinds of mushroom thick-walled hamburgers"Is a combination of Maitake, Eringum and Bunashimeji for thick-walled hamburgers.

There was a light crispy texture of Ellinghi, but it was impression that mushrooms were pushed to the strength of meat. Again, it is perfect for those who think "meat! More meat flavor!"

The end is "Temperess moon thick mouth hamburgers"It is an item combined with fried eggs of a half-round.

Up to now I had the impression that "the taste of meat is deep", but the frivolous yolk of fried eggs combines with the sauce and spreads and it makes me feel good balance with the meat. If you do not dislike eggs, this is recommended among 3 types.

In addition, the price is 330 yen including tax, "Three domestic mushrooms thick-walled hamburgers" includes 360 yen including tax, "Toru Rori moon thick mouth thick hamburger" is 390 yen including tax.

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