I tried all three pieces of pancakes with 3 new taste of the first kitchen with plenty of 3 kinds of berries and whipped cream

The first kitchen with hamburger and sandwich as the main product sells 3 types of pancakes of different flavor from August 27, 2015. Fluffy, I ate at the first kitchen what type of sweets are pancakes with three layers stacked baked to a moist texture.

Three new "pancakes" newly released! | First Kitchen

Arrived at the first kitchen.

A pancake of your kind was appealing to the shop front.

That's why I ordered all three new items.

The size of the pancakes are all the same, three piled piles are layered on top of it and a whip cream on the top is on top.

First of all, from the standard pancake 'syrup & whip' (320 yen including tax). Whipped cream seems to slip down on the surface of sliced ​​and pancake as she gets oiled.

Pancakes are offered with plenty of syrup.

Paculi with plenty of whipped cream. Pancake did not smell at all and it was sweet. Thanks to the discreet whipped cream, the texture of "light". It seems to feel unsatisfactory when asking for intense sweetness.

Continue looking colorful "Cheese Cream & Berry" (430 yen including tax).

Three kinds of toppings berries.

There are plenty of trout cheese cream combining Mascarpone cheese, lemon juice, sour cream.

Cut with 3 piles layered ... ...

Pour crisps with berries. The sweetness of pancake has been enhanced thanks to the good acidity of berry and the smell of cheese, making it sweet and sweet even in hot summer.

Since sweetness and acidity can be adjusted by changing the balance of whipped cream and cheese cream, it seems that it will not feel taste monotonously.

"Chocolate & Berry" with plenty of chocolate sauce at the end (420 yen including tax).

Belly is shabby with shining chocolate sauce. Like cheese cream & berry, I use three kinds of berries.

Lay it up in three tiers and ......

The bottom surface is soaked with chocolate sauce.

Pick with whipped cream and berries. Matching exquisite acidity of berries to rich thick sweetness chocolate.

The pancake that has soaked in chocolate plenty has become a sweetness that can fully satisfy the feeling of "I want to eat snacks sweets!"

New fresh "cheese curry taste" has appeared in French fries potato "flavored potato" put on powder from August 27, 2015. That's why I order "Cheese Curry Taste Potato" (L size 330 yen including tax).

It is recommended to shake the flavor potatoes well before eating. It is offered in a paper pack to refresh.

Opening the bag and peeking in, the spicy flavor coming up.

The scent of curry intensifies the appetite when you pull it out.

Moist and juicy potatoes are spicy and finished in spicy taste. Although curry & cheese taste is felt firmly, spicyness is modest, so even people who are not good at hot things have no problem. Thanks to the smell of curry, it is a guarantee that you will not stop when you start eating.

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