Wii U pear games that can make an ink battle that is like a splatter toon Summary

On August 21, the new stage "Hirame is a hill estate" was added, etc. Nintendo's new rules, weapons and stages are added little by little from releaseTPSBut"Splatoon"is. There are a lot of noteworthy points such as exhilarating feeling of painting ink and various rules not able to win by just defeating enemies, cute and unique characters, but it was made influenced by such splatoon There are a lot of wax games on the net, so people who do not have Wii U and those who are tired of gachi battle can now feel free to enjoy.

"Splatoon" Inspire Game Developed by Indy Game Developers Summary - Mogura Games

◆ Splatoon in Minecraft
"Splatoon in Minecraft" that you can enjoy Supatoon-like Naawari battle in Minecraft. Like Splatoon, you can play against 4 people vs 4 people, weapons can be shot like a snowball like "shooter", bow arrows capable of long range attack like a charger, ink around the player like a roller Three kinds of "wooden sticks" to fill with. It is also possible to transform into squid in the topography painted with ink.

If you want to know more about what kind of battle can be done in Splatoon in Minecraft, check the following article OK.

A spirit who reproduced Splatoon's fighting mode in Minecraft appeared, allowing a battle that made it cool even without Wii U - GIGAZINE

To play Splatoon in Minecraft, you need to introduce world data that can be downloaded from the following link to the PC version of Minecraft.

SethBling: Minecraft on YouTube

◆ Sbutatoon (Subtitone)
Splatoon also introduces to mine craft and plays Supra toon-like color painting game. The rule is almost the same as the Nawabari battle of the head family, but there are plenty of color painting methods, and original rules etc. are also diverse. Large team battle is possible not only for 4 people versus 4 people but also for 4 persons to 4 people versus 4 people for 4 people. The appearance and map of the character and action to play are completely Minecraft, but the appearance of riding pigs or painting inks is like a splatoon like it is not.

You can tell what kind of game the subtletone is by watching the following movie.

I tried playing with splatoon style! 【Minecraft】 - YouTube

Sbutatoon (Subtiton)

The rules are simple, divided into 4 teams, painted in colors, those who painted a lot won. The place where the battle with the four teams intertwined is different from the original one.

How to apply ink Part 1, Bow and arrow

The color of the place where you hit the arrow changes. It seems that it made it possible to paint colors by using wool in buildings.

How to paint ink 2, pigs. When you move on a pig, the color around the pig changes.

How to paint ink 3: When you defeat an enemy player ... ...

The surroundings of your character will be painted in color.

How to paint ink 4th, when eating pork ......

A big explosion

And it is possible to paint color around a wide range around the character to operate.

In addition, there are original rules.

That's why I started the game quickly.

It is OK if you dyed a white town into your team color.

The battle scene is also ant.

Because the team is disoriented, the inside of the town is very colorful.

In Minecraft it is necessary to have a "bar with carrot" to go in the direction you want to ride with a pig, but you need to take a pig with Sabutatoon. Even when other pigs come closer one by one when moving on a pig in the map, it is packed with feeling like "Splatoon like to play in the mine craft".

In addition, it is OK at the end of the game to judge the area painted with ink from the air.

Sputtone can be downloaded from the following link.

Unchannel (い い ぬ ん) - Nico Nico Channel: Game

◆ Splatoof (Splatoff)
Game development tool "Unity"The mascot character" Unity "is manipulated, and the game that wants to spread the Toff and dyed more positions than the CPU with his own Toff can win Splatoff. The match-up time is as short as 50 seconds, but it's good to play with ease on the browser. However, in order to play "Unity Web Player"Must be installed.


Move the camera by moving the mouse, move the character with the arrow key, toff fire with left click, mouse unlock with the Esc key, reverse direction of the camera in X direction with "O", Y direction reverse of the camera with "P", right click " Full screen display with full screen

Tough firing.

CPU is also Unity.

Because the CPU is surprisingly a strong enemy, you need to fire Toff well.

In addition, the developer is a game planner & programmer@ MaruchuMr.

◆ Splatoof2
Splatoof 2 is a game that brings Spratoff closer to the original family. Like Splatoff, the author is @Maruchu, who is able to fire ink, not Toff. The operation method is the same, but the enemy 's CPU ceased to exist.

Splatoof 2 (working title)

The game screen looks like the following, it is possible to fire beaded ink instead of Tofu.

In addition, although there are no enemies, play time is limited to 30 seconds.

In addition, Splatoof 2 is released only two days after publishing Splatoff.

◆ MINECRAFTOON (Minecraft Toon)
Splatoaf, the creator of Splatoof 2 created by @ Maruchu, is the third splatoon-like game Mineclave Thun. As the name implies, it manipulates the character of Minecraft style and performs a splatoon-like Naawari battle, but it does not play on the actual Minecraft, but it works with Unity Web Player on the browser just like Splatoff and Splatoof 2 .


This is the play screen. The match-up time is 30 seconds.

An enemy character is squeezing out the green ball in front of you.

The operation method is the same as Splatoaf, and when you sprinkle ink it looks like this.

It is an impression that it is easier than Splatoff in terms of game difficulty.

Minecraft Thun is released 4 days after the release of Splatoff.

◆ Naughty Painters
Up to this point were only shooting games conscious of Splatoon, but Naughty Painters has become a bit different colorful Naabari battle game.

Naughty Painters

To play the game, please access the above link and click "PLAY". Three versions of Naughty Painters version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 are released, but this time I tried the latest 1.2.

Game start screen. You can also play Naughty Painters on the browser, no membership registration, no software downloads, etc. are needed. To start the game press "Z" key.

After selecting the stage again press the "Z" key.

Then the game starts. To operate it is green "P1" on the upper left of the screen, just press the left and right arrow keys to operate.

P1 moves to draw a circle, but when you press left and right arrow keys, you change the way you draw the circle between "clockwise" and "counterclockwise." Furthermore, pressing the left and right arrow keys at the same time stops moving "P1" being operated.

So, change the direction of rotation and make a meandering move and apply a wider area to your color OK.

Touching a bomb that appears in the area ...

You can paint a wide area of ​​the area in one stroke.

Naughty Painters can also play two players, and if you play with two people you can operate "P2" with "S" and "F" keys.

Naughty Painters was created by@ OinarimanMr.

◆ SplaPainter
@ R_NikaidoSplaPainter is a game that you can paint with ink in a splatoon style and can draw.

Click the link below to install.

Click "OK".

Download the downloaded file as "ExplzhExtract using software such as.

Launch 'SplaPainter.exe' in the unzipped folder.

Move with the "W" "A" "S" "D" key, fire the ink with the left click, switch the tool with the "1" "2" "3" key, hide the frame with the "Tab" key .

The screen looks something like this, the black dot in the red frame is the aim.

Left click to firing ink.

It is okay if you stuff ink up with ink.

"2" key to orange, "3" key to fire blue ink. Clicking the "1" key and pressing the left click will cause the ink to disappear little by little.

How to paint ink and scattering is similar to the original one.

In addition, Splatoon of the head home is a soundtrack of new songs after the large updateRelease is decideddoing.

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