How to wake up to sleep with crispness without using caffeine "Watch a cat's video"

Although it is still work still remaining, such as after lunch, you may be attacked by a violent sleep that seems to be "fainting", but if you drink coffee in order to wake you up, in the evening You can not sleep, it can cause a vicious circle of echoing the next day. Four ways to deal with such daily sleepiness without caffeine are summarized in the movie.

How to Stay Awake (Without Caffeine) - YouTube

◆ Part 1: Cat · Booster

There may be some people practicing unconsciously, but when you are tired it is effective to watch a cat's video.

There should be few people who are cranky seeing cute cats' videos.

In other words, feeling "joy" by looking at the cat's appearance is also greatly related to drowsiness.

Studies have shown that watching pretty kitten and child dog videos improves the feeling of those who saw and enhances concentration.

When you see a cat's animation, two kinds of hormones are affected in the body. One is "OxytocinHormone called. It is said to be a hormone secreted in response to trust and favor, and to reduce fighting and fear if a lot of oxytocin is secreted. The other is "Cortisol"A hormone secreted in response to stress called so. It is said that there is an effect to raise blood pressure to respond to stress and to prepare the body for struggle · escape.

By feeling pleasure by seeing cats' videos, oxytocin increases and decreases the amount of secretion of cortisol, so it feels like I got tired.

◆ Part 2: Water is the largest fuel

Even if you do not drink coffee while avoiding caffeine, you need to take in moisture firmly.

When the body becomes dehydrated, it leads to symptoms such as fatigue, confusion, palpitations, fainting.

50 to 65% of adult body is composed of moisture.

If I lose 2% to 3% of the water, I feel "thirsty", but merely losing only 1% of moisture may have mental and physical effects.

Because moisture is an important component for blood that transports nutrients into the body.

Because blood needs to keep sending constantly the nutrients required by the body, trying to prevent blood flow decline by raising body temperature and speeding up the heartbeat even a slight dehydration.

Rising body temperature leads to drowsiness, so if you want to wake up with crispness it is effective to drink chewy water.

◆ Part 3: Singing and dancing with your favorite music

If you feel that your body is drowsy with drowsiness, let's savor your favorite songs and sing and dance. If you move your body with dance or sing it all the time, in the body will reduce pain and bring happinessEndorphinIt is secreted.

Also, when you listen to your favorite music, your brain is fresh feeling fun,Dopamine·Serotonin· A chemical substance that improves the mood like oxytocin is secreted, so you can sing and dance with your favorite music to relieve stress and to work hard.

◆ Part 4: Taking light of the sun

There are a lot of people who desk workers nailed to the office all day. However, sunlight-free environment can cause drowsiness.

In one study, bright light activates neurons in the hypothalamus and plays an important role in maintaining arousal "OrexinIt is known that it secretes a neurotransmitter called so.

Therefore, if you feel drowsy, you should be crisp and sleepy by walking under the sun without becoming overwhelmed by the office.

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