A breakthrough greenhouse "Nemo's Garden" dramatically speeding up the growth rate of crops at the bottom of the ocean

A greenhouse that can keep the warm air inside by covering with glass or vinyl and can prepare an environment suitable for growing even in cold winter etc. is used for growing agricultural crops and plants. Although it is customary to install it on the ground, a project to set up a greenhouse on the ocean floor utilizing the natural attributes of the sea is underway in Italy, and fruits and vegetables are actually brought up.

Nemo's Garden by Ocean Reef Group

The world's most beautiful greenhouses are underwater, and growing strawberries - The Washington Post

In the regional city of Nori, Italy, five greenhouses shaped like big balloons are set up in the ocean floor near the coast. This greenhouse is named Nemo's Garden, and lettuce, strawberries, basil, beans, etc. are raised inside.

The interior of Nemo's Garden is filled with air, but the lower part contains seawater. To put it briefly, the image that the layer of air and water exists, with the cup turned upside down and submerged in the water.

Within Nemo's Garden, moisture is supplied by continuous evaporation of air-touched seawater, and the plants with abundant moisture are quickly grown. Also, since the temperature of the seabed is constant, the temperature inside the greenhouse is always kept constant. In addition, the interior is filled with high concentration of carbon dioxide, it seems that plants have a steroid-like effect and grow at a faster speed than the ground.

A company that develops and installs Nemo's Garden a company that sells diving equipment called Oceanreef. Sergio Gamberini, president of Oceanreef, came up with an idea to sink a greenhouse to the sea bottom during a vacation and to grow plants and developed Nemo's Garden for two years. As of 2015, sensors and cameras are installed inside the greenhouse to manage data such as humidity, pH value, temperature, carbon dioxide concentration in real time,Real time delivery on UstreamWe are also doing.

Oceanreef cultivates plants in a seabed greenhouse with permission from Nori's local authorities, but the permitted cultivation period is only 4 months from May to September. The project did not succeed from the beginning, he said that succeeded in cultivating plants after four failures. Although it has not reached the point of selling cultivated plants, Mr. Gamberini 's wife seems to consume basil paste etc. in basil harvested from the ocean floor greenhouse.

Oceanreef has been developing a type that makes the current submarine greenhouse smaller, and carried out in June 2015KickstaterIn the campaign, we gathered $ 31,130 (about 3.8 million yen) above the target amount and succeeded successfully in procuring development funds. Plants to be cultivated are planned to increase types that require humidity management such as mushrooms, and great attention is gaining attention for future development.

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