The movie "Odyssey" The latest trailer that embodies "What if human beings lose on Mars?"

Sci-fi novels whose director Ridley Scott has become the best seller in the United States "The Martian(Japanese title: people of Mars) "was made into a movie"Odyssey"is. Odyssey is a work that depicts a survival story that the botanist of the hero played by Matt Damon falls in desperate circumstances where one person is left behind on Mars during the investigation and struggles hard to try to survive using their own knowledge somehow It is getting.

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Mars that is far away from the earth.

A survey team sent to Mars by a manned explorer.

Botany scholar Mark Watney was participating as a member of the research team.

Opening the spacecraft door ... ...

There was a world of storm.

Watney continuing the investigation even in the storm.

However, things like the antenna of the exploration vessel flew and hit the Watonie.

Although the crew searches for blown away Watney, he can not see himself.

"Watthney is dead, being given up, give up ..." ...

The exploration vessel will return to Earth leaving Watneyy.

However, Watney who was thought to be dead was alive.

I will return to another survey ship left, but no one is there.

Only one on Mars has been left behind.

"Crews and NASA people thought I was dead ... ...."

The expression of Watney who is jokingly saying "I'm alive, is not it?" Is overflowing with tragic feeling.

What Wattney can do is just accepting the fact that only one person was left behind ... ...

Is it accepting and living and growing?

It takes at least four years even if help comes from the earth. Moreover, the remaining food is half a month.

Whatney who chose to survive using his own knowledge in a desperate situation gathers water ......

Challenge the cultivation of plants by spreading soil in the exploration boat. Because nothing grows on Mars, it creates a field inside the exploration ship.

Only one on Mars.

I will continue not only to secure food but also to give up communication with the earth.

And one message to NASA one day.

NASA staff members who blurtly blurred.

The message "Do you have arrived?" Was what Watney sent from Mars.

Message from NASA to "We are going to rescue" message to former Watney ......

Watney who rejoice with "I was saved!"

However, it will take a considerable amount of time for rescue from the earth to come to Mars.

Effort to immerse in research and survive everyday.

And succeeded in cultivating plants, boasting to NASA "Watoni boasts the most excellent botanist on Mars!"

But there is something wrong with the crew heading for rescue ....

Some people object to risking the lives of many crews to save only one person.

The crew's life is more important than a single botanist.

Ignoring such opinion, the crew departed for Watney rescue.

Crews heading for rescue ......

Danger is hitting both Watney who waits for rescue on Mars.

"In the world ... ...."

"And please tell my family"

"I will never give up until I return to Earth"

"Odyssey" will be released in the United States on November 25, 2015, and publication in Japan is February 2016.

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