It's a sanctuary where as many as 5 million people gather from all over the world, but the headquarters "Lourdes fountain" which is a strange sightseeing spot is like this

There is a miracle water in Goto Islands in Nagasaki prefecture "Lourdes fountainIn the city of Lourdes in the southern part of France, five million people from all over the world gather every year from the world seeking miraculous water which is said to "cure disease". Although Lourdes is said to be a "sacred place", what kind of place is the sacred place actually? I was worried and I went there, and unexpected sight was spreading with sacred beauty.

Looking at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral where there is a fountain of Lourdes from the hill is like this. It is a beautiful appearance like a castle appearing in the story.

Looking closer, it looks something like this.

The interior of the church was also made very beautiful, and visitors quietly prayed.

The most famous in Lourdes is water. Lourdes was a city famous for her village girl Bernadetta encountering Virgin Mary in 1958 and built a church right above the cave according to the words of the Virgin Mary and found that a miracle to cure the disease was caused by water blew out of the cave Since then, many people have gathered from all over the world seeking water. So, where can we get water? Wandering around the church and ... ...

I found a matrix like something.

Looking at the scoop, everyone has plastic bottles and so on.

A number of faucets were installed along the wall of the church, where the water of Lourdes was all you wanted. Although the image was slightly different from what I had imagined from the word "fountain of Lourdes", some people put in five large plastic bottles in a row and some water is put in and some people asked for it I realized that I was doing it.

Since there was no bottle on hand, I tried out to the city around the church looking for a bottle ... ... but the things I saw here are somewhat different from the image "sacred place", the souvenir shops are lined up A sight like a sightseeing spot.

I tried entering a shop that was shining brightly and glittering among the souvenir shops that stand side by side.

In the shop there was overlooked by Mr. Maria who was lined up ... ...

There is a rosary that entered a plastic case that could be found in Japanese souvenir shops.

Of course there is also a rosary of a full-fledged luxury routes, but with the decoration of beads that are made of rubber or not well understood, rosaries of such designs and materials that I do not see much in Japan are still in line There was.

Of course, the bottle for watering is also designed by Mary. You can pour crown and put water in. The price was 0.5 - 0.8 euro (about 70 - 110 yen).

After purchasing the bottle, I came again around the faucet. In addition, the matrix is ​​comparatively short from early evening to early in the evening, so if you do not encounter a person bringing a bottle in large quantities, you can also drink water.

That's why I got Mary's two bottles of water.

People are gathered from various places in the church.

Many people with physical disabilities, so it seems that lending out of wheel chairs is also taking place. What is this matrix that is lined up in a row?

It was a queue to enter the cave of Masabiel where miraculous water springs.

The statue of the Virgin Mary above the cave.

In the cave a drop was dropping off the ceiling, so I saw a person who was receiving the drops with my head and body.

In summer France, sunshine hours are long, so it is after 21 o'clock, but as the sun goes down gradually the light will start to light in the church.

From here candle service ...... That is, the time of the candle line. A stand like this is installed around the church ......

Elongated candles ......

A windscreen cover is placed. If you put the price of 1 euro (about 140 yen) into the coin slot, please bring it freely and OK.

There were places to get fire, but almost all of them have a candle with a lighted fire at this time, so if you ask someone "Please give me a little fire" you will be able to divide it pleasantly.

It is like this when lighting a candle.

Lucky people and people gather with candles.

The tremendous density.

Unfortunately it rained on this day, so there were few participants in the queue, some people have umbrellas, but if the weather is nice we can see a fantastic sight.

The appearance of a candle line on a sunny day is like this.

People who line up in the row hold a candle while pointing to an umbrella, a delicate look.

The cathedral becomes even more divine atmosphere when the night is drunk abundantly.

Around Maria statue ...

Flowers and candles were on hand.

Although the sacred place Lourdes is a holy place, of course, there are also many tourist-like people who have a camera firmly in a young group and one hand. Although the atmosphere of the cathedral is divine, the surrounding streets are close to the sightseeing spots of souvenir shops where there are souvenir shops, and there was somewhere friendly. However, some of the people who actually met in the church said, "My heart soon became painful since childhood, but some people have said that since I drunk water here last time I drank miracle water on my head with a headache with expectation, I tried it on my head, but after 3 days I got a headache as usual, so there seems to be individual differences in miracles.

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