How was the battle scene in the hotel where the ceiling and floor were reversed in the dream of the movie “Inception”?

In the movie '

Inception ' starring Christopher Nolan & Leonardo DiCaprio, there are numerous battle scenes such as fighting against black enemies and fighting soldiers in the snowy mountains, but the most impressive is weightlessness This is a scene where you fight the enemy in the hallway of the hotel. A movie ' Inception Hallway Dream Fight-Art of the Scene ' that explains how to shoot in this weightless space has been released.

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In the movie “Inception”, a spy cob (Leonardo DiCaprio) who steals deeply into other people's dreams and challenges the difficult mission of “planting” rather than stealing the idea.

“Inception” was produced as an original work directed by Christopher Nolan, investing huge production costs of $ 160 million.

The production cost is four times that of Nolan ’s previous film “

Prestige ”.

One of my friends, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) dash the wall in the hallway of the hotel. hand……

Next is a battle scene where you stand on the ceiling and fight against the enemy.

The following sketch is a concept picture of a battle scene at a hotel, which Nolan directed in 2002.

Warner's executives liked this concept picture and decided to make it into a movie. Director Nolan declared that the script will be completed in a few months, but it actually took eight years to produce the script.

Over eight years later, the script was completed, and after starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the film production began in earnest.

Based on illustrations drawn by Director Nolan, representing the hierarchy of dreams and the progress of the story, we will bring the dream world to reality.

Among the many dream world scenes, the scene of fighting in the hotel corridor was filmed in a different way from any film that Nolan has made so far.

The reason why this scene was difficult to shoot was because of the idea of “anti-digital shooting” directed by Nolan.

Even now that 3D shooting and CGI processing have become popular, Director Nolan continues to shoot movies using film.

As a technique to actually take a scene of weightless space with video instead of CG, it is common to use the aircraft

KC-135 that NASA owns for the reduced gravity research plan.

The KC-135 will climb at an angle of 45 degrees after takeoff and then descend rapidly to make the aircraft zero weight.

The aircraft is kept in weightlessness for 25 seconds while flying over the top of the parabola.

It should be noted that, in order to easily held a nausea by shaking or rapid acceleration of the aircraft, aircraft to be used in NASA's zero gravity experiments '

vomiting comet is also known as (Vomit Comet)'.

However, 'Inception' not only creates weightless space ...

It was necessary to rotate the space and let the characters run on the ceiling and floor.

The huge warehouse in Bedfordshire, England, was used there.

First, in collaboration with SFX and production designers, we designed a hotel corridor with a total length of 100 feet. He devised a rotating set with reference to the scene in the spaceship of the movie '2001 Space Journey'.

A small paper model made based on the blueprint.

Next, make a framework using seven 30 feet (about 9 meters) diameter iron rings ...

Two 55-hp motors were attached to each wheel.

By controlling all the motors with a computer, the rotation speed and direction of the entire set are controlled.

And the following huge set is completed.

Although the set was completed, the shooters were hampered by the question: “Where do you shine from?” Because the four sides are surrounded by walls and ceilings, you can't 'light up from the top or side' like in a studio.

In order to solve this problem, the ceiling lamps and wall lighting in the hallway have been improved so that it can be used not only as a decoration for the hallway but also as a light for photography.

Even more difficult is the position of the camera for shooting.

To shoot a full view of the hallway, hang the camera on the crane ...

It seems that he took a picture while extending the crane from outside the set.

In addition, the other camera was set up on the floor in the set to shoot ...

If the set is tilted and the floor is tilted downhill, the camera will slide off the floor.

Therefore, he was shooting with a mobile pedestal fixed in the middle of the hallway.

A rotary set viewed from the outside.

The entire corridor turns around.

After the rotary set was completed in this way, rehearsals were carried out two weeks before the shooting. As Arthur Joseph Gordon-Levitt said, “When you see the video, it looks like you ’re jumping brilliantly from the wall to the ceiling. I was always conscious of 'Where is it?'

Director Nolan and Tom Stolthers, who is in charge of stunt coaching, were in the set and coached Gordon-Levitt in acting, but both of them seemed to have motion sickness.

The climax of the battle scene in the hallway kicks the door of the guest room while sliding along the hallway ...

Two people rush into the guest room while meeting each other.

A battle will be held in the room.

The hallway was 8 feet wide (about 2.4 meters), while the guest rooms were 25 feet wide (about 7.6 meters) and more than three times wider, so the battle scene in the room was dangerous .

Before shooting, a stuntman test is performed to verify safety.

As a result, in a scene where actors move from one end of the room to the other, tilt the set slowly to suppress the impact of the drop ...

In scenes that move a short distance from the floor to the ceiling, the rotation speed was increased and a powerful battle scene was successfully shot.

In addition, the battle scene in this corridor has only one paragraph on the screenplay, but it seems that the shooting period took a total of three weeks.

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