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Generally speaking analogue wristwatch, although the needle moves as if the needle draws a circle on a round dial, in the world, it is only unique that it has priority over coolness and beauty rather than functionality, unique There is a wristwatch with a movement. A watch summary image that is too odd, such as the needle moves elliptically, shows mysterious rotation, repeats disassembly and reconstruction, is on YouTube.

Une compilation des montres aux plus beaux mouvements - YouTube

The first thing that appeared was Nord Zeitmaschine (Nord Zeit Machine)'s "Variocurve V 2". Turning the screw turns ... ...

From the right to the left, the needle started moving.

Coming to the point of 40 seconds ...

Like tracing an oval dial, it shows an irregular movement that can not be done with an ordinary wrist watch. The price of Variocurve Watches is $ 14,800 (about 1.8 million yen).

Will the second hand move like a pendulum around the point of "60" at the next clock? And I think ...

The second hand shows a movement like a ballet dancer and crosses the board surface without a needle hole as if it is drifting.

This was released by Maurice Lacroix (Maurice · Lacroix) for only 125 books in 2013MASTERPIECE Mysterious SecondsWatch called. On the sales site$ 13,900(1.7 million yen) had become.

Subsequently, Jaeger-LeCoultre (Jaeger-LeCoultre) 's "Master Gyrotourbillon". World's first sphereTourbillonWatch with a watch, the price is 43.50 million yen including tax.

There are clocks like works of art that parent birds move to feed the naive birds.

Parent birds move as if they feed babies with mouth ... ...

Birds on the right side open feathers and eggs break. Like a painting wristwatch, Jaquet Droz (Jake Draw) 's "The Bird Repeater Geneva"was. the price is$ 500,000(About 62 million yen) is seen around.

It is the ANTOINE PREZIUSO (Antoine · Pleziuso) 's "Tourbillon of tourbillons"is. the price is318,000 - 420 thousand CHF(About 4000 to 53 million yen).

It is hard to understand from the image, but Cabestan Watches (Kabestan Watch)'s "TRIPLE AXIS TOURBILLON"The Tourbillon in the upper part of the dial is spinning round. Reference price is250 thousand Swiss francs(About 32 million yen).

After thatDevon Timepieces"Devon Steampunk Limited Edition". The time will be taught by the movement of a belt-like dial that lies in two rows horizontally and two rows diagonally. The price at the sale site is$ 25,000(About 3 million yen).

The character at the far left of the row shows time and the character at diagonal column next to it shows minute.

The following watch has a number "3" in the middle.

Once the character has been decomposed ......

It became "4". There are two small cases next to the main case, but by matching with them there is time to know at 4:32. It is a jewelry brandHarry Winston(Harry Winston)Released "Opus ElevenIt was a wristwatch called. Reference price is$ 332,800(About 42 million yen) has become.

Next is a clock designed like a starry sky. This is also Jaeger-LeCoultre's "Hybris Artistica Duomètre SphérotourbillonIn the watch called "the tourbillon on the left side of the dial is spinning round. Another color Duometre Spherotourbillon$ 200,000(About 25 million yen), so the price is considered to be about the same degree.

It is Maurice Lacroix 's "The combination of three circles combined with square gears exquisitely"MASTERPIECE SQUARE WHEEL". Depending on the model,The price at Amazon is roughly 5500 to 7,900 dollars(About 700,000 to 1 million yen) is about.

A design watch that came out from SF movies is MB & F's "HM6 SPACE PIRATE". The dial is on the bottom side of the main body, the mechanism at the center carves the second hand. the price is$ 230,000(About 29 million yen).

A rotating heart displays "LOVE" every minute. Maurice Lacroix's "Power of Love". Reference price is$ 13 32It is about 1.3 million yen.

"Christophe Claret (Christophe Clare)"Margot"When the button at the 2 o'clock position is pushed, the petals are randomly scattered. the price is198,000 to 298,000 CHF(About 25 million ~ 38 million yen) is seen as seen.

In addition, French displays "Un peu (little)" or "beaucoup (very)" under the dial, so the clock answers your question with a feeling like flower fortune telling.

Urwerk (Ulberg) 's "UR-105TAIs a mechanism that displays time by rotating the dial and the character itself at the same time. the price isFrom 58,000 to 64,000 CHF(About 740 to 8.1 million yen) and that.

The mechanism of the clock is full of Vianney Halter's ("Vananei Halter)"Deep Space Tourbillon"is. the price is$ 200,000(About 25 million yen) about.

Looking from the side it looks like a planetarium.

URWERK's "UR-210"Is a metallic design, of the center tripod, the one with the black frame is the current time, the scale on the lower side of the dial represents the minute. For example, in the image below, it shows 9:58, but when the red arrow reaches "60" ...

The black frame moves from "9" to "10" and starts from 10 o'clock. In Chrono 24$ 135,000 (about 16.9 million yen)It was sold at.

A unique design is De Bethune's "DB25 Quetzalcoatl". The serpent taught me time with my head and tail. the price isCHF 11,000(About 14 million yen).

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