Running for only a few decades ago was a target for police job duties as a weirdo

ByChris Hunkeler

It is now popular jogging (running) as the easiest exercise, but it has been only a few decades ago that this popularization has become so popular, and it seems that there were times when the police sometimes stopped it as a suspicious behavior until then . There is a surprising story about how running became common and popularized.

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In 1968, Senator Storm Thurmond received a job question from the police in the state of South Carolina, USA. The reason is that Mr. Thermond was running and he was regarded as a suspicious person. From this incident, it is clear that at that time, training called running was not popular in general.

Now, everyone is doing easy going for health maintenance and dieting purposes, but there are no people doing running exercises in the 1960s America, and those who run as training go to boxers and first class athletes It seems that it was limited.


It is said that Chicago Tribune paper named "Jogger (Jogger)" who first runs as an exercise or training. The newspaper reported that the number of people who started the hobby of running has increased, as "strange", that the women's fashion running is strange. According to the Jogger godmother's article at that time, "People who enjoy running are now running in the morning instead of night to avoid police job questions."

In 1968 there was also a record that the police were struggling to deal with the running that was becoming a boom. The New York Times reported in 1968 that a runner running on a highway in Connecticut was caught by the police and reported a case where a ticket was torn off.

About how and when running started becoming a major presence in the United States enough to be picked up in the newspaper in 1968, Mr. Bill Bowerman discovered "running" in New Zealand and "import" The theory that it begins with what he did is powerful. In addition, Mr. Bowerman was a name trainer who was widely known around the United States as a track coach of the University of Oregon, later known as a sports wear manufacturerNIKEIt is a person who will establish.

Mr. Bowerman's book "Jogging: A Physical Fitness Program for All Ages (Jogging: Effective Fitness Program for People of All Years)" includes a jogging coach who Mr. Bowerman met when traveling in New Zealand in 1962 I tell Mr. Arthur Lydiard how to teach a training program for everyone called jogging and that I brought it back to the United States. Mr. Bowerman noticed the wonderfulness of training as a running training, and in 1966 published Jogging: A Physical Fitness Program for All Ages with Dr. W. E. Harris.

Mr. Bauermann 's Running Enlightenment Move was successful because the training called Running narrowed the women' s waistline and promoted the health of the blood vessels, because it showed effects regardless of age, sex, and any age. Jogging: It is confirmed that it is effective for health by medical professional's test at A Physical Fitness Program for All Ages, and furthermore, athletes and celebrities get involved in running, they quickly penetrate the world, running is a sports That's why I went to the mainstream of the movie.

ByIvan Bandura

One jogger told the New York Times that "At first it was thought that everyone sees it with strange eyes, and that was exactly the case, but nobody was curious and nobody was going to run I got a lot of fun. "

Later, in the 1970 's, sportsmakers such as NIKE and others launched training wear for running, all the joggers bought. Moreover, it seems that it produced not only the effect that it is easy to run by wearing training wear but also a by-product that can avoid the police's job question.

It has been surprisingly recently that humans began to act as a movement of common animals as a movement of animals for enjoying leisure and enjoying themselves recently, by being treated as a suspicious individual by the police, It seems there was an incredible event.

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