The biggest tree house in the world, equivalent to a 10-story apartment "The Minister's Tree House"

The world's largest tree house constructed of wood with all 80 buildings of 5 stories high with 97 feet (about 29.5 m)The Minister's Tree House"is. Was familiar as one of the tourist destinations of the state of Tennessee in the United States, but as of 2015 what is going on, a movie that a geographer and photographer Mr. Chuck Sutherland visited the site was released It is.

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This is the biggest tree house in the world.

It is a building consisting of all five layers, and there are places where big trees are part of the building.

In Crossville, Tennessee, USA "The Minister's Tree House"Geographist and photographer Chuck Sutherland interviewed.

The height is 97 feet (about 29.5 m), which is equivalent to a 10-story apartment building.

Supported by 6 different types of big trees, white oak trees of 80 ft. In total length (about 24 m) and 12 ft. In diameter (about 3.6 m) protruding from the 3 rd floor support the whole structure of the building It plays the role of the main strut.

"The Minister's Tree House" was named by Minister Horace Burgess who built this building in 1993, and it took 14 years to complete until completion. It seems that the cost of materials cost is only 12 thousand dollars (about 1.49 million yen) for this kind of building, but since then many people have visited The Minister's Tree House as a famous sightseeing spot in Crossville became.

Swings are also attached.

Inside there are 80 rooms in all, all made of wood.

However, since Mr. Minister was not an architect, but was constructed unplanned, it seems there are no aisles at the end of the door or stairs and ladders are located in unexpected places.

The final rule at the time of completion was "no smoking" and "climbing prohibited", and anyone can freely enter and leave if it keeps it.

Wall where the wood is patched on one side.

It is also a role that directs interest like the secret base as being a building that can not be thought of in ordinary construction.

The top floor, the 5th floor, is a bell tower, and inside it is an oxygen cylinder installed in place of the bell ringed everyday.

There was a main hall under the bell tower, and it was used as a church on Sunday.

It is a very unique building with church basketball goal.

However, The Minister's Tree House was shut down in 2012 as directed by the Tennessee Fire Department as "a very dangerous place to be afraid of fire."

2000 signatures gathered against the closure of "The Minister's Tree House" which was loved by many people, but because there was no repair expenses, closing was never stopped and the interior is still entering now Leave the prohibition.

Since it does not change to a dangerous building, there is not much possibility that the day will be open to the public again in the future, but the building is not demolished. The world's largest tree house, which is no longer being care, is covered with lively trees and may become part of the forest as it is.

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