"Health benefits obtained by marriage" turned out to be obtained without marriage

ByJon Rawlinson

From the viewpoint of health and medical care,Married people can live longer and healthier than unmarried peopleAccording to a new research, it has been revealed that if you do not officially marry, you can earn the same health benefits as marriage by "living with people" by the new research .

American Public Health Association - Life-Course Partnership Status and Biomarkers in Midlife: Evidence From the 1958 British Birth Cohort

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The merit of marrying varies from person to person, but in previous studies, it is the common belief that marriage has merit from the viewpoint of health, unmarried people are more short-lived and healthier than married people It has been said that it is not good either. But,University College LondonStudies have found that the merits obtained by marriage can be obtained without marriage.

ByTom Waterhouse

This study was aimed at educational and physical development, economic situation, employment situation, family life, health status of 17,000 people living in England, Scotland, Wales, born in a week in March 1958 , Happiness degree, social participation degree, etc.The National Child Development Study(NCDS)Based on the data of. Previous studies divided many people by married / unmarried, but this time we classify people as married / cohabiting / single, and as results of blood tests and respiratory capacityBiomarkerHealth condition was examined from. Since the state of relationship with others is influenced by income, education level, and past health condition, the model used in this study was adjusted so as to suppress their influence.

As a result of the survey, it turned out that there is a difference between men and women in health benefits. As for men, people who have never been married or lived together seem to have totally inferior health status than men married during the period of data collection. Meanwhile, women who have never been married or lived together had less health disadvantages than men. For women, the timing of marriage has a big meaning, marriage in the late 20s to early 30s is best for health, people who have never been married or lived together, and married in the early twenties It turned out that the health condition is better than that.

BySean Molin

The interesting thing about this study is that almost no difference in health condition was found between those married and those living together. And it seems that there was no noticeable difference in health among those who remarried after divorce, or who continue to marry with people who entered cohabitation after divorce. However, as far as men who experienced divorce in the latter half of their 30s and then did not remarry, the risk of metabolic syndrome in middle age was decreasing.

In other words, even if you are not married you know that you get the same health benefits as you got married by living with a person, but because the data is due to long-term observation, Please note that the degree of stress caused by divorce or remarriage when you see it is not reflected. In addition, as the value changes according to the country and the times, it is said that further research is necessary for the difference in health condition obtained by marriage and cohabitation for younger generations than the generation that was the subject of this survey.


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