I went to the "steak palace" to sprinkle a special sauce on hot iron board and eat it with meat

Rotating sushi Atom boyManage eating and drinking establishments such asAtom CorporationThere is a steak restaurant developing mainly in Tochigi Prefecture "Steak Palace"is. I tried going to a shop because I was concerned about all kinds of soup with all kinds of soup, "Taste of the Miya", a taste unchanged since its founding, to complement the taste of steak and hamburger steak.

Steak House | Steak & Hamburg Restaurant

Arrived at the steak house.

The special "Temple of the Miya" is a traditional taste since blending an onion, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, it is also possible to buy things with bottles for home use.

When entering the shop, "Temple of the Miya" and "Taste of the temple potato chips" were sold in the space next to the cash register.

As soon as I got a seat, popular No. 1 "Palace loin"300 g size (2480 yen without tax) and ... ...

"Homemade hamburger steak"Jumbo 300 g (1080 yen excluding tax) ordered. In addition, we used Wagyu beef shoulder loin from the premium beef menuWagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Steak"(100 g, 1680 yen excluding tax) also ordered.

Rock salt and pepper are provided on the desk.

In the steak house you can add a drink set etc to the main dish, "Full set" with drink bar, soup bar, salad, rice or bread is 680 yen tax excluded. The drink bar and soup bar were prepared in the back of the store.

The drink bar has soft drinks ......

Also a nice frozen drink in summer.

A coffee machine was also installed, and tea was able to choose various kinds of tea leaves.

When ordering the soup bar, you had three kinds of potato cold soup, onion consommé soup, corn potage soup, all you could drink. Depending on the store there are also sometimes 4 to 5 types of soup are prepared.

A method of pouring soup into a cup by himself and bringing it to a table.

The corn potage soup is a gentle taste which gives sweetness of corn. It was corn grain.

Onion consommé soup is a taste of consommé's punch and it seems to go well with steak and hamburger steak.

Potato cold soup is refreshing flavor which is perfect for summer.

I was waiting while having a soup, and the steaks were carried in about 10 minutes.

At the time of offering, the clerk sprinkles sauces on steak and hamburger steels. You can see in the following movie how the iron plate with sauce makes a sound with jugee.

Steak Steak with hamburger steaks in "Steak Palace" - YouTube

Where the iron plate settles down, I will eat it from "Palace loin" immediately.

The steak meat is big size, about 1.5 times as big as the iPhone 5s.

Garnish with vegetables, potatoes, broccoli, corn.

The surface of the steak is grilled with calicious fragrance.

When cutting the meat, it is a rare baking finish leaving lean inside.

I tried to eat it with plenty of the palace of the temple. In the steak meat, the injection processing meat which the lean oil is injected is used, but it is soft and juicy, the meat taste is fully felt, the baking adjustment is exquisite, the outside is crispy and inside is crispy and inside You can taste a juicy texture. As I thought it would be normal meat unless it was said "processed meat", I could eat it.

Next I will eat homemade hamburger steak.

Hamburger is as big as the iPhone 5s, but it has a considerable thickness.

When cutting it broke out the meat juice from inside.

Hamburg is baked plump and juicy, finished with the taste of meat felt like croquet.

The taste of the temple is deep flavor with garlic flavor in soy sauce base, it goes well with steak and hamburger steak.

The combination of meat taste and the sweetness of the corn was good, especially when it was a cone that was compatible with meat, especially in beards.

Next, challenge "Wagyu Beef Shabu-shabu Steak"

Meat is thin as a whole, greasy, it looks soft.

Lemon is attached instead of who.

Sliced ​​Wagyu beef is lightly seasoned with soy sauce and salt, a dish in which the original flavor of meat can be fully tasted. When purchasing at supermarket etc, meat of the level of 100 g 1000 yen or more is used, so it can be said that it is a quite profitable menu.

Mizuna and onions were laid under meat and I enjoyed the texture made with Shakijaki.

A salad that can be eaten with a full set makes you feel refreshing in the mouth.

When you order the full set you can change bread and rice freely.

"Steaki palace" is expanding stores mainly in the Kanto region, and official websiteStore list pageIt is possible to find nearby shops from.

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