Simple & fast & beautiful Android version "Google Hangout 4.0" appeared

Google is a communication application "Google Hangouts"Android version has been updated to version 4.0. Major version up, so the content has changed considerably.

Official Google Blog: Google Hangouts: now simpler, faster, more beautiful

According to Google, Hangout is version 4.0 which is simpler, faster and more beautiful than traditional ones. Looks likeMaterial designIt was optimized and renewed. Items on the screen more intuitively react to the touch, smooth movement between tasks. Simpleizing the button makes it easy to start a new conversation or group conversation. In the contact list, it is easy to find the person you want. File attachment has also been improved in a simple way, allowing you to easily share pictograms, GIFs, and even multiple photos.

Besides this, the exchange of messages and videos has been speeding up, battery consumption is kept down, and it is no longer indicated as "incoming from unknown" by supporting Hangouts and dialers. It is said that distribution has already begun, but as of 18:30 on August 11th, it has not come to Google Play yet.

At Android Police, we got APK as of June and experienced Hangout 4.0 as soon as possible.

An Exclusive Early Look At Hangouts 4.0

Looks like Hangout 3.3 (version 4.0 or earlier) is like this ... ...

It seems like this will be 4.0. The notification bar part is black rather than green.

Even when notified, until now, it was displayed in red and large ... ...

It changed to white letters in black.

It seems that it is easy to send emoji and photos etc.

There was already an announcement from Google that "I released version 4.0", but because there are people who are not even available overseas, Droid Life has a link to the APK file. However, as long as you wait for a while, an official update will come, so let's try not to download APK files of unknown truth / fake.

Hangouts 4.0 for Android Rolls Out Today! (Updated: APK) | Droid Life

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