The middle finger of Galileo Galilei, the father of astronomy, is still being exhibited at the museum in Italy

It is in Florence, ItalyGalileo MuseumThe Italian who is called the father of astronomyGalileo GalileiThe right middle finger of the right hand is displayed. Galileo is said to have opened doors of modern science, but why only the middle finger is exhibited in the museumAtlas ObscuraI am clarifying.

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Vladimir Lenin, who is said to be the father of the former Soviet Union, had requested that when dead he wanted to fill the body next to his mother buried in the cemetery, but after deathAntiseptic treatmentIt is kept as if it is alive as it is being given. Also, in July 2015, the skull of F. W. Murnau, a German film director known as a horror movie pioneer,I was stolen from the graveyard.It was revealed. In addition, Einstein's brain has been kept in Mason Jar for 20 years in the basement of Princeton University, and now it is divided finelyNational Museum of Health and MedicineIt is kept in Mutter museum etc.

These cases are only a few, and the remains of the great men who have left their names in history such as Napoleon and Las Putin etc are also present without being ordinarily buried or cremated. Galileo Galilei is also one of such great men, after about 100 years since death, fingers have been cut off from the body and currently only the middle finger in Italy is exhibited.

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Florence of Italy

Here is the Galileo Museum

In this museum there are Aririri globe and ...

Many valuables that have contributed to the development of astronomy, such as telescopes made long ago, are displayed.

Among such exhibits, there are particularly different things.

It is the middle finger of Galileo Galilei. Why was only the middle finger of Galileo, which was born in 1564 and died at the age of 77 in 1642, to be displayed in this way?

It was 95 years after death that Galileo's fingers were separated from the body. It was a man named Anton Francesco Gori who cut his finger from the body, he was an enthusiastic fan of Galileo.

It cuts three thumbs, index finger, middle finger that was on the right hand of Galileo.

The reason for cutting these three fingers seems to be because Galileo, the father of astronomy, seems to be using the fingers when looking through the telescope.

It is a finger of Galileo that is kept in a safe place as if it is a relic relic or something, but it is also known that his life was often conflicted with the church.

The reason why the church was unfaithful about Galileo was that Galileo supported Geopolitics, proposed by Copernicus.

By starting to support the spiritual theory, Galileo will be summoned to the first heresy. Here, the church notified Galileo when it condemns if it supports the Copernicus ground point theory under the idea that "holding the world view of the sun center is a heresy". The book "About rotation of celestial bodies" by Copernicus is regarded as a prohibition after this Inquisition.

After the first inquisition, Galileo will publish the "Astronomical Dialogue" which is a commentary on the ground movement theory. In this book, it is assumed that both the Pseudo-theory and the Giant Theory are hypothetical tales, and by taking the form of the dialogue between the two who believe in each and the intermediary between the three neutrals, so that there is no mention of the forbidden ordinance It was a book that explained. However, this book is deemed to be against the meaning of the papacy, Galileo will be subjected to the second heresy.

Galileo, who was convicted in the second trial, was sentenced to life imprisonment, became underwritten at a monitored mansion, and the "astronomical dialogue" that justified the ground motion theory is prohibited. In addition, it seems that he was read aloud when he was convicted of the heresy to be abandoned, but after reading it he said that he mumbled "E pur si muove" (but the Earth still moves) It is said.

If you would like to know more about Galileo Galilei's achievement, it would be nice to read 'Galileo's finger - the tenth major theory to move modern science'. In this book, Peter · Atkins, a popular science guru, explains 10 major theories of contemporary science such as evolution theory, entropy, relativity, quantum theory and the like advocated by Galileo. Galileo's fingers - the ten major theories driving contemporary science: Peter Atkins, Peter Atkins, Takao Saito: Books

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