Facts of the net in Cuba where "human power Internet" is spread by USB memory carried by bus

ByEllen Macdonald

In Cuba where the supply shortage continues, the rate per hour of the Internet center provided by the government is comparable to that of a general Cuban salary. Looking for the InternetPrivate network built with more than 9000 PCsAlthough measures were taken outside the government system, such as being done, as a route to distribute informal commercial contents furthermore "USB memory"Human power internet"Is evolving.

The Only Internet Most Cubans Know Fits in a Pocket and Moves by Bus - Backchannel - Medium

There is no internet facility, official net fee is outstanding, most people are forced to go offline Cuba can not enjoy online fashionable dramas and Hollywood's new movies online. As a measure to overcome the current situation of Cuba "El PacketeIt is said that "human power Internet" called "Human Power Internet" is starting to spread. El Packete is a USB memory to which the latest content and files are copied, enters into people's pockets, is carried by buses and cars, and it passes over to applicants.


In a sense El Packete is the same as "very slow and large capacity Internet connection", and data is delivered from the hand of the person to the hand of the person so that the packet is loaded. El Packete is unknown who is uploading content, but El Packete is a system that will be low priced so as to delay the time it takes to receive it, totaling $ 5 million a month (about 620 million yen ) It is said that money is paid.

Regarding the reasons why informal systems such as El Packete are expanding in Cuba, where government oversight is severe, the government views that content such as latest movies and dramas is "not a hotbed of anti-governmentists It is thought that ". In addition, as employment opportunities in the supply chain are increasing due to the large volume of USB memory being circulated, it is believed that the human power Internet is expanding as "tacit consent".

The model of El Packete is regarded as one of robotic engineering solutions born from Cuba's net situation, but the current situation that most Cuban people can not access the Internet, or only a specific person can acquire the Internet The gap will not be resolved. Also, a documentary film depicting Cuba's Internet shortage "OFFLINE"The creation of the Cuban citizen's participation in the web is highly desired.

OFFLINE (documentary about the lack of internet in Cuba) - YouTube

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