What will happen to the body once I stop eating?

"A dietary restriction" is the royal road of a diet any time, but if the movie is not mentioned at all, it is easy to understand what the movie explained in the illustration is "What If You Stopped Eating?"is. It seems that various things will happen to the human body before eventually reaching the ending "die".

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What will happen to your body once you stop eating?

After fasting, the first 6 hours will not change as usual. Internal bodyGreekogenIs decomposed into glucose and used as energy.

25% of this energy is consumed in the brain, and the remaining energy is utilized in muscle, internal organs, blood, etc.

After 6 hours, glucose shortage will start and you will begin to feel hungry. It should be experienced everyone to be irritated with hunger.

The big change is that after fasting, between 6 hours and 72 hours "KetosisThe state that it is.

When you run out of glycogen, the brain tries to turn the fat in your body into energy in search of energy.

Fats are decomposed in the liver to become energy, but in the process of degrading fatty acidsKetone bodyI will try to consume the substance in the brain. The state that ketone body in blood increased like this is ketonosis.

However, from the ketone body, only 75% of the energy required by the brain can receive energy. As a result, the brain becomes undernourished and the decline in cognitive function gradually occurs.

In addition, with general exercise diet, there is no ketonism even in the state of fat burning, so do not worry.

After 72 hours, the brain begins to produce energy even though it breaks down proteins in the body.

Protein is decomposed to produce glucose, and the muscles decline steadily.

Furthermore, changes in bone mineral density and libido begins to begin to appear in the body.

After 1 week to 2 weeks after fasting, vitamins and minerals run short, the immune system weakens, people become susceptible to disease, people begin to die. If you live lucky enough you will no longer have run out of glucose, fat, muscle.

The most likely cause of death in this state is a heart attack.

From the record of the hunger strike in Ireland in 1981, humans know that when you fast you will die between 3 and 70 days.

The period has a range, because the condition that how much water you can drink, how much fat you stored when you stop eating is different from person to person. Either way, the fact that you can live three weeks without eating anything is a surprise.

Today, 795 million people face the problem of starvation on the earth.

The G7 leaders promised to save 500 million people suffering from starvation by 2030 and Grobal Citizen, a not-for-profit organization, is monitoring to ensure that promises are fulfilled.

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