How to make a smartphone image into a 3D hologram using things at home

movies"Star Wars"Hologram" that displays stereoscopic images with laser has appeared, and there are many people who are excited about the technology of the future. A way to reproduce such a hologram using a smartphone, a CD case, a cutter, etc. has been released on YouTube, allowing anyone to easily enjoy hologram images at home.

Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram | 4K - YouTube

The necessary materials are a grid paper, a CD case, a tape, an adhesive, a pen, a scissors, a smartphone, a knife or a glass cutter.

Firstly from mold making. I draw a line on a grid paper.

I wrote a trapezoid like 1 cm above the bottom, 6 cm at the bottom, 3.5 cm high.

Cut out with scissors.

Next, I will peel off the edges of the CD case.

Copy the mold that I made earlier to the flat CD CD case ......

Cut out the trapezoid with a cutter. Repeat the same operation 4 times, let 's make 4 trapezoidal plates.

If you attach four trapezoids with tape or glue, preparation is OK.

Put it on the smartphone playing the movie, turn off the light ......

Jellyfish floating in the fluffy sea appeared as a three-dimensional hologram.

Not just jellyfish, butterflies ... ...

Flirting and rising fireball.

It was a fireworks display.

Heart pattern.

Women's faces etc. can also be made visible.

In addition, a special movie that can be used for hologram demo is also open to the public.

Hologram Technology - HOLHO 4 Faces Pyramid demo - YouTube

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