Airbus acquires explosive aircraft patents for jet aircraft + rocket capable of flying 4 times faster than sound speed

One of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers,AirbusHas acquired a patent for a new supersonic aircraft. More than 4 times the speed of soundMach 4.5 (about 5,300 km / h)The airplane that enables it is equipped with a jet rocket ramjet and three types of engines to selectively use the concept, it has become a tickle for mecha loving hearts.

Huge, hypersonic jets blurring lines between planes and space rockets (Wired UK)

Patent Images

Image diagram of Airbus' patented aircraft is kore. It has a structure in which a delta wing with a triangle and a vertical stabilizer are placed on a cylindrical body, and a rotary "fin" is attached to both ends of the delta wing. The interesting thing is the deployment of the engine which produces thrust, and it carries three kinds of jet engine · ramjet engine · rocket engine on what one aircraft. The jet engine is located at the location indicated by "TB 1" in the figure below, and the ramjet engine at the position of "ST 1".

And the remaining rocket engine is located at the rear part of the aircraft. When the shutter under the vertical stabilizer opens, the rocket engine "Ma1 / Ma2" comes out from inside.

As you see from the front of the fuselage, you can see that the wings are "high wing aircraft" which rest on the fuselage. The jet engine indicated by TB 1/2 is located at the bottom of the fuselage, but I am worried about thinking that I will not be suffering from injuring the trash on the ground.

Videos reproducing this aircraft by CG and simulating how it actually fly are also being released.

Supersonic Roller Coaster-cum-Aircraft patented by an Airbus Group Company - YouTube

I created a movie on the YouTube channel that gathers interesting patent informationPatentYogiSo, we are using CG to introduce the image of the aircraft. According to Deepak Gupta appearing in the movie, when an airplane equipped with this technology appears, "Concorde is also a pure blue."

As mentioned above, we first took off using the jet engine at the bottom of the aircraft. I will rise to a certain altitude as it is. This is almost the same as conventional jet aircraft.

At this time, passengers and crew are said to sit on a hammock-shaped seat to obtain better comfort. It may be that the aim of reducing the influence of the flight pattern after this is concealed while also sitting comfortably.

The aircraft that reached a certain altitude first stops the jet engine and stores it in the aircraft. At the same time, the rocket engine at the tail of the aircraft is ignited, and it enters the stage where it rushes up to the sky at a stretch.

Literally, like a rocket, it rises at a stretch to high altitude.

At this time, the aircraft crosses the supersonic wall beyond Mach. The problem with supersonic flight is the influence on the ground by "shock wave", but it seems that that point is taken into consideration. In this airframe, the airplane faces the sky at the time of Mach transition, and the generated shock wave spreads horizontally, so it does not reach the ground almost.

The "fin" attached to the tail of the wing is rotated, and when the speed is less than Mach, it faces the same angle as the wing ... ...

When exceeding Mach, rotate 90 degrees and change the angle vertically. This is technology to change the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft and to optimize the pressure distribution of the air generated on the surface of the aircraft.

The aircraft that made a sharp rise reached an altitude of 35,000 meters. Gradually rise and gradually shift to level flight.

When entering level flight, stop the rocket engine ... ...

The rear cover was closed. This is to adjust air resistance and aerodynamic characteristics in high speed flight.

And finally it ignited the ramjet engine and started full flight Mach.

The assumed speed at this time is Mach 4.5. It seems that there is an aim to enable high speed and efficient flight by using a ramjet engine which is good at operating in the supersonic range.

When this speed is realized, it is said that the time between London - New York will be shortened to just 1 hour. Considering that it took about 7 hours for a general aircraft and about 3 and a half hours for Concorde, it seems that you can feel the amazingness of "one hour".

To illustrate the flight pattern very clearly, it will rise at a stretch from the airport, reach an altitude of 35,000 meters, make a supersonic flight as long as possible and land down to the destination after descent, so Gupta Expressed as "the world's tallest roller coaster".

In fact it seems that there is not a sharp fall like a roller coaster, but I really want to expect realization of what the world of Mach 4.5 is like.

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