A movie playing with Splatoon's masterpiece "Shiokara clause" with the original Gameboy's built-in sound source is now open

Squid is the hero's Nintendo Wii U game software "Splatoon"In single player mode fighting octopus within"Hero mode"BG match of BGM and a limited time event"Fes"The song being used as the music being held is"Shiokara clause"is. The Shiokara clause is a song of the idol "Sio Colors" of Splatoon world, but a hero who has covered this Shiokara clause using the original gameboy 's real sound source has appeared.

SD-Distortion Shiokara clause (GB_Cover) (【Splatoon】 I tried to play the Shiokara clause with the gameboy actual machine)

First of all, you can tell what kind of song the "Shiokara clause" is like by listening to songs with unique lyrics of squid language in the following Nintendo official movie.

Splatoon (ス プ ラ ト ー ン) フ ェ ス 画像 シ オ カ ラ 節 Ver - - YouTube

You can listen to this movie with the following movie as you are playing this Shiokara clause at the original Gameboy.

Splatoon - Final Boss (Squid Sisters Version) (Gameboy Cover) - YouTube

First of all, slide the power button on the top of the Game Boy and turn on the unit.

With the start sound "Picone ♪", the Nintendo logo appears on the screen.

Next, screens with numbers are displayed side by side, and the Shiokara clause made with only pico pico sound began to flow. Lyrics are not attached, but the degree of reproducibility of the songs is considerable.

Zooming in on the screen and looking at it is like this. It was Mr. sdhizumi (Esui Iti Hizumi) who made the Gameboy version arrangement of the Shio Kara clause, and for the production of the song it is possible to compose music using the sound source of the Game Boy "LSDj(Little Sound Dj) "tracker (Music sequencer) It seems to be using.

In LSDj, it is said that you can use a total of 4 Game Boy sound sources of rectangular wave (pulse wave) 2 ch, waveform memory sound source 1 ch, noise wave 1 ch, total of 4 channels, and "PU 1" "PU 2" "WAV" "NOI "Is displayed. In addition, sdhizumiOwn blog on tumblrI will explain the usage of LSDj in Japanese in detail.

The area around "03" corresponds to the chorus part of the Shiokara clause.

The song will be played continuously from the intro part "00" to the last chorus "0 A" without stopping. Lastly turn the volume knob on the right side of the Game Boy body manually, the music fades out and it ends.

The movie of the same contents is published also in Nico Nico video.

【Splatoon】 I tried to play the Shiokara clause on the gameboy actual machine - Nico Nico video: GINZA

In addition, the Shiokara clause is popular because of its unique tune and mysterious lyrics, and a variety of arrangement videos have been posted besides the above Game Boy version.

The following movie is the music production software for 3DS "KORG DSN-12Arrange using.

Splatoon - Final Boss (Squid Sisters Version) 【Nintendo 3DS Cover & Remix】 - YouTube

A Japanese style arrangement where the sound of the koto and bells matched the bass of the bass.

Splatoon "Final Boss Theme (Squid Sisters Ver.)" SYNTHESIA - YouTube

Coupled with the effect of the movie, the piano arrangement is like the BGM of the Touhou Project.

I tried to arrange the piano with the tentacle MAX with the Shiokara clause - YouTube

In addition, "The lyrics of the Shiokara clause sound like this at Sora Mimi", so people who wrote and lyrics also appeared.

I tried lyrics to the Shiokara clause. - YouTube

Should I say that as a matter of fact,IKZOKozo Yoshi's "We are going to TokyoSome people remixed as well.

We will go on high-color city [Shiokara clause × IKZO] - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

· Bonus
A band that actually played Splatoon's theme song "Splattack!" Has also appeared.

I tried Splatoon's theme song between rehears - Splatoon BGM Theme "Splattack!" With band ~ - YouTube

Despite the "rehearsal interval", the score with a squid illustration is well prepared, "It is said that the break of rehabilitation is not rest but it has gone away."

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