Vacuum cooker "Anova Precision Cooker" completed by merely pushing the buttons by restaurant class cuisine was linked with the application, so I tried making beef fillet carpaccio etc

Fourth cooking method next to "bake, steam, simmer" used when making foie gras etc.Vacuum cooking methodis. Cooking equipment enabling vacuum cooking is expensive and it was difficult to introduce in the home, but it is easy to introduce vacuum cooking at home by soliciting investment by cloud funding and making it a superb product device"Anova Precision Cooker".When reviewing in JanuaryIt was necessary to manually operate, but finally cooking has been completed by responding to the application and just pressing the button of the application to leave it, so using the recipe actually registered in the application I tried making carpaccio etc of beef fillet.

Anova Culinary | Sous Vide Immersion Circulators and Precision Cookers by Anova

This is "Anova Precision Cooker". The main body is long and comes with a clip for fixing the main body to the pot.

Details and basic usage of the appearance of Anova Precision Cooker can be confirmed from the following article.

I tried using the vacuum cooker "Anova Precision Cooker" that pushes the button and leaves it to finish the finest dish - GIGAZINE

When using, first attach the clip to the main body.

Pour water in the pot ... ....

Connect the plug and the outlet and install the Anova Precision Cooker.

If you install the clip like this, it is OK.

Last time I did not correspond to the application yet, I had to manually operate, but finally I can operate from the application, so install the application from Google Play or the App Store first.

Anova Culinary - Android application on Google Play

Anova Culinary on the App Store on iTunes

This time I used an iOS application. Tap "Install".

Tap "Open" ......

A screen like this will appear. If you just installed it, the main unit and the application are not connected. Looking at the bottom of the screen of the application, there was a button called "Connect Anova".

To connect, press the Bluetooth button on the main unit.

Since many recipes are registered in Anova Precision Cooker, when making a dish you can connect the main body and the application and just press the cooking button on the page of the selected recipe. After that, from preheating to cooking, Anova Precision Cooker will do it without permission. So, it is possible to confirm from the following movie how to actually preheat by operating from the application.

"Anova Precision Cooker" that you can cook with one button from an application - YouTube

Open the recipe and tap "Connect Anova" at the bottom of the screen.

Tap this also because the item "Anova" appears at the top of the screen.

Then, "Temperature required to cook" on the left side of the screen, "Current temperature" in the middle, "Cooking remaining time" on the right side are displayed. The temperature necessary for cooking is "128 degrees", but since this is Ka-san display, it is 53.3 degrees when it is corrected to Se. Since the start button appears at the bottom of the screen, when tapping ... ...

Preheating is started. It warms the water to the temperature necessary for cooking, so afterwards it is only necessary to wait while reading a book or doing other work.

When I looked at it, the application and the main unit were interlocked properly, and the water temperature was indicated as 76.4 degrees Celsius (24.7 degrees Celsius) in each case.

After a while, the water temperature will gradually rise. When preheating began, the number "01: 00" appeared at the upper right of the screen, but this means that heating actually takes 1 hour.

Even if it says that you can cook with a single button, of course, preparation is necessary to some extent, so we will prepare crisply during preheating. First of all, beef fillet carpaccio is made. Prepare 230 g of beef fillet, lemon, caper, Rucola, Parmesan cheese, olive oil etc.

Beef fillet meat with salt and pepper ......

Go into Zip Rock. This is the only preparation.

When the temperature reaches 128 degrees Celsius (53.3 degrees Celsius) which is necessary for cooking, the application and the main body will inform you by saying "Temp reached" by sound. When "OK" is pushed, cooking starts.

So that's why I put a zip rock in the pot. Because the air inside is pulled out using water pressure, still the zipper is opened and it is OK.

When you put the bag in hot water, the air will be pushed out, so tightly seal it with the air out.

The remaining heating time was 59 minutes while working.

So, if you leave it alone OK. As in boiling or baking, the food is not burned, the liquid does not overflow from the pot, and the cooking process ends so easily that it can not fail.

After 1 hour, the application and the main body will inform you of the end of the cooking with the sound, so raise the zip lock from the hot water.

The surface of meat is becoming brown, and it looks like fire is considerably passed from the outside. Wipe the surface moisture with kitchen paper etc ... ....

When wrapped in a lap, put it in the freezer immediately. It is necessary to sliced ​​the meat, but it is necessary to put it in the freezer for at least 1 hour because it is hard to slice if the body is soft.

After frozen for about two hours, take out the meat and slice it thinly.

Something like this when it is on a plate. When the meat was just out of the freezer it got a little dark and it became uneasy as "Heating too much?", But it turned bright red as time went soft.

Here, serve Ruccola and Parmesan cheese ... ...

Completion with lemon and olive oil.

As the fire passed through the surface, there was also a part that became a little brown, but the meat in the middle is a beautiful pink color.

As soon as I eat a bite with Pakuri, it is tasty enough to want to shout. Soft meat is tasty concentrated tightly, and fat melts smoothly in mouth. In the recipe "There is salt and pepper as you like with lemon olive oil", but since the underlying taste is firmly attached, the meat itself has reasonable saltiness, it is refreshing lemon and olive It mixes with the flavor of it, it was supposed to be simple, but it was not so strange that it could be served at the restaurant.

Salad and Parmesan cheese compatibility is also good enough, you can eat as it is, but you can lay it on bread etc.

Although there was a caper in the recipe, Caper had a strong presence in proportion to the size, so it was a little difficult to feel the taste of meat enriched when eating it with meat.

Now that the ability of Anova Precision Cooker is known, another item, this time the famous American chefMing TsaiMr. Challenge recipe "Basil, olive oil, ginger pouched with ginger". It is a professional recipe, but if you use Anova Precision Cooker technology will be completed without any failure, cooking will be completed. First of all, as before, I opened a recipe and started preheating.

So I will preliminarily prepare while preheating. Prepare leafy vegetables, olive oil, pepper, ginger, lemon, leather without skin, etc. for basil salad.

Salmon is added with salt and pepper.

Put 2 cups of olive oil into the zip rock after putting salmon · basil · chopped ginger ... ....

Mix the materials lightly from the top of the bag.

While doing so, the main body and the application will inform you of the completion of preheating with sound ......

I will insert Ziploc in the pot. Like the time of cattle fillet meat, put it with the lid open, sealed after the air has escaped by water pressure. Leave the ingredients as they are for 25 minutes, the chefs are resting slowly and are OK.

After 25 minutes, when the alarm rings the zip lock will get out of the pot. Because vegetables are laid under the salmon, let's arrange the salad on the plate around here.

I will take out the salmon and place it on the vegetables.

Using a strainer etc, remove basil leaves etc from olive oil.

After I plucked one lemon juice ......

Over the salad & salmon, the dishes are completed.

When I tried to break a salmon, it seemed to me that "Does not it pass fire?" For a moment, it looks like rare.

However, when you eat it you will see that it is not raw. There is no sticky crisp like that in raw salmon, but fiber quality is not on the front as if baked, but soft and fluffy and juicy. This can only be said as a finish unique to the vacuum cooking method. I also thought about when reviewing last time, but when cooking with Anova Precision Cooker, the taste is confined tightly without going out like the time of baking or simmering, so the taste of the material can be felt dense . In this case, the fragrance of basil · ginger is blended with salmon taste and tight juice, which was too delicious, as it was unexpectedly easy to cook one button, in a high-class restaurant.

Even if you eat with vegetables an elephant. Several editorial staff did taste but two of the editorial staff who tasted the beef fillet carpaccio and poached salmon seriously did not come up with comments other than "delicious" "oh good" and "tasty" It is enough to figure out the purchase of Anova Precision Cooker. Because it is necessary to prepare under preparation, it is not for those who say "I want to eliminate the trouble of cooking as much as possible", but people who like cuisine and delicious foods can easily find restaurant-grade food without failing I can make it, it is quite recommended.

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Anova is one of the world's largest home appliance manufacturers based in SwedenElectrolux(Electrolux)It was found that it will be acquired by 250 million dollars (about 28 billion yen). Anova was born out of the idea "everyone should sit on the table", has developed a device that is simple, accurate and worthy, so that everyone can make professional-like dishes at the daily table. Even in discussions with Electrolux, which began eight months ago, Anova's unique culture was agreed to be protected within the huge organization Electrolux.

Everybody has a seat at the table - Anova Culinary

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