Nokia made VR camera "OZO" which can check the 360 ​​degree video in real time with the ball type body equipped with 8 cameras & microphone

The terminal division of mobile terminal manufacturer Nokia was acquired by Microsoft in 2013, but it was reported that the development department left at that time was studying "some new technology". Although it has not been clarified so far about the technology under development, it is finally a professional virtual reality (VR) camera "VR" camera on July 28, 2015OZO"Was announced.

Nokia OZO

Nokia announces OZO virtual reality camera for professional content creators | Nokia

This is the body of OZO. You can see that a total of 8 cameras are attached to the surface of the ball type main body. OZO has 8 cameras and 8 microphones built in, and it is possible to take three dimensional 3D images. Also, if you use dedicated software, you can check 3D images around 360 degrees in real time.

The image used to take it outdoors is like this. President Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia, said, "I am very excited to introduce OZO to the site of content creation and to create a whole new VR capture.OZO will make the next innovation in the world of VR by being used by professional creators "OZO will be the center of the new world, as we believe that VR technology will enhance people's way of communicating in the near future."

Details of OZO can also be seen in the following movies.

Introducing OZO: The new Virtual Reality Camera from Nokia - YouTube

On the side is a NOKIA logo ......

For microphones, seven small holes are drilled.

I tried to zoom in on the camera and it looks like this. Nokia says "OZO is a tool for professionals," he said he aims to introduce OZO in Hollywood movie shooting, media, advertising industry, etc.

Power on with slide switch.

It seems that the periphery of the recording button glows red in movie recording.

OZO was the first show in the entertainment industry event held in Los Angeles on July 28, 2015.The VergeIs shooting the appearance of OZO main body at the presentation meeting place.

OZO attached to the stand. The lower part of the main body has a screw hole for a single leg or tripod and it can be attached to a standard tripod mount.

I looked up from the bottom. The back is not a perfect spherical shape, but projections protrude somewhat.

A side view. According to The Verge, the size of OZO is about the size of melon and the weight is about 6 pounds (about 2.7 kg).

On the protrusions on the back "NOKIA" logo is printed.

OZO's market price and detailed specifications will be announced in the future, shipping is expected to be in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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