An example movie of a person who is truly drowned does not appear to be drowning and is not noticed by anyone around

'The person who is drowning' is an image that screams 'help!' While squeezing the water, but the person who is actually drowned does not scream or even splash. I will sink in the water quietly. It was hard to notice even if there were people nearby, so a movie was created that actually showed the state of the pool on the browser, and a game was launched to help lifeguards by quickly finding out who is drowning.

Spot the Drowning Child

The movie starts when you open the website. People with floats are projected in the large pool, and there has been no particular change.

However, if you focus on the bottom right child ...

I lost my balance and turned over.

The child who escaped from the bottom of the float somehow seemed to be swimming, and there were no signs that the surrounding people would make noise, but there was a sense of discomfort in movement, so click.

Then, the situation until the lifeguard helps the boy was played fast forward. At the bottom left of the screen is 'Nice done + 1.6s', and it can be seen that it took 1.6 seconds for the boy to click on the boy after drowning.

When you click on the drowning boy, 'Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning' ('The drowning person does not appear to be drowning'), the characteristics of the drowning person are displayed and 'Play Again (again 'Play' button appears. Click on ......

Another movie was played, and the game to find the drowning person began again. At the end of the game, the lifesaver will always help those who fall in love, but it is quite difficult to notice abnormalities earlier than lifesavers, and considering that the same thing actually happened in the field, those who fall in love You can see how difficult it is to help.

In addition, the feature of the person who is actually drowning can be confirmed from the following articles.

Those who are really drowning don't seem to be drowning, the point to notice those who sink quietly-GIGAZINE

■ In most cases, it is physiologically impossible for a drowning person to call for help. The primary purpose of the respiratory system is to breathe, and making a voice is a secondary function. Only after being able to breathe can I afford to speak out.

■ The mouth of the drowning person repeatedly sinks under the water surface and goes up. The time when the mouth is above the water surface is not long enough to breathe in and exhale and call for help, and when it comes out above the water surface, inhale quickly before sinking under the water again Is full of energy.

■ Those who are drowning can not shake their hand for help. Instinctively it tries to push the head above the water surface by stretching the arm sideways and pushing the water surface down.

■ During this instinctive response, the drowning person can not control the movement of his arm at his own discretion. Physiologically, it is impossible for people who are straddling the surface to 'spontaneous exercise', such as waving to get help, moving in the direction that the rescuer comes, or grabbing the thrown ring.

■ During this instinctive response, the body of the drowning person is in a vertical position, but there is no evidence of footstroke like a swim. Unless rescued, it takes only about 20 to 60 seconds to move up and down near the water surface, and then sinks to the bottom of the water.

When you watch the movie used in Spot the Drowning Child, only the lifeguard who is watching the pool from the top notices that no one is aware of the drowning person. It turned out to be a very horrible movie & game that shows that it doesn't matter if it's popular or not.

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