"Prison Gakuen" Vice Chairman of the Student Council vice chairman Shiki Shiraki steals Andre and tries to kick it in a certain sense Faithfully three-dimensional like a queen

"Prison School (Prison School)"As a guard, he defeated five boys thoroughly, and in particular, until André, Shiki Shigeki, a vice chairman of the back student council who is the first cause of stepping forward to the path of pleasure of" M "as it is, gradually stops humans Even now or this while still trying to kick it off, I felt like the Queen's atmosphere, and it was three-dimensionalized.

Union Public Information Blog Prison School Sprout Figure Figure Shiraki Meiko Hdge Edge

That's whyOne festival 2015 [summer]Arrived at Union Creative Booth


It is scheduled to be released in early 2016, price undecided, about 25 cm in total height

Andre's prototype making as a base is a model three houses

Mr. Ishizaki of female prototype teacher Makoto Shiraki prototype production of vice president of student council meeting

It seems like clothing is too disturbing, but it is a matter of mind

Rather this is normal operation

It is breaking through the whiplash level

In addition, from July 2015, if you look at the animated version of the PV on the air, you can understand why even the unknown person became such a model.

TV animation "Prison School (Prison School)" Number Advertisement CM Back Student Council Buddhi (Vice President) ver. - YouTube

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