I was able to stand on its own with an umbrella turned over, I tried using "UnBRELLA" which does not wet the user when opening / closing

Even if you rain with a great urgency when it is raining, you will get wet when you wipe luggage or clothes with water splashed when closing an umbrella, or if your hands get wet when you are rolling a urine umbrella . However,"UnBRELLA"Reverses the structure of the umbrella and opens outwardly so that it is an innovative design that does not wet the user during opening and closing, and because it will become independent, it will not be a problem for the storage place on the go. As I was getting it, I tried to actually purchase it and check its usability.

UnBRELLA Ash Concept 【Official】 Design Product shop

You can check the state of when you are actually folding "UnBRELLA" from the following movie.

Clothes and bags do not get wet when folding umbrella "UnBRELLA" - YouTube

This is UnBRELLA. There are three kinds of colors, light blue, navy, turquoise, this time I chose turquoise.

If you look only at the hand, you can see it as ordinary ... ...

The bottom of the button to open the umbrella is like a stone part.

On the other hand, looking at the end of the umbrella of UnBRELLA, there is no collision, and it is the atmosphere that the hands are likely to grow at this time.

What this means is that if you take an umbrella you know it is completely opposite to ordinary ones, so that the umbrella is open to the outside.

You can check how the actual umbrella is opening and closing from the following movie.

"UnBRELLA" that can stand upright and does not wet the user when folding the umbrella - YouTube

Try opening it like this. The skeleton has been bared.

The collision is longer than ordinary umbrella, and unique design.

An ordinary umbrella is cluttered with a skeleton on the inside and occasionally involves hair, but the inside of UnBRELLA is extremely simple.

Since the size is 100 x 50 x 810 mm, the length of the rib bone is 60 cm, it is the same size feeling as 60 cm umbrella on the market. In addition, the material has ABS resin, the umbrella bone is brass and glass fiber, the umbrella part is 100% polyester.

I tried opening the umbrella but it was about the same size.

So I actually tried umbrella in the rain.

Looking from behind like this.

It seems that it seems to talk to himself "Umbrella is turning over".

Since the closing direction is the opposite direction, the band which stops the umbrella drooped inside.

"UnBRELLA" demonstrates its power both when opening and closing an umbrella, but especially when closing an umbrella, raindrops on the umbrella flow to the outside. If it is a type that closes inwards, the splashed water will be applied to the user, but in the case of "UnBRELLA" there was never getting wet with clothes splashing water.

Moreover, since it stands independent even if there is no umbrella stand, there is no pear troubling at placing place on the go.

The ground is wet, but there are no raindrops on the outer side of the umbrella ......

I can not get wet even when rolling an umbrella around it and stopping it with a band. You do not have to put an umbrella in a plastic bag when entering a shop is also convenient to the ground.

In addition, when leaving the car, an ordinary umbrella does not let the umbrella go until the body is completely out, during which the user will hit the rain ......

"UnBRELLA" is to make an umbrella stretch out from a narrow gap, so that there is no moment when the body is exposed to rain is also excellent.

In addition, UnBRELLA can be purchased at 9720 yen including tax.

UnBRELLA Ash Concept 【Official】 Design Product shop

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