Five people who shoot sex in a fitting room in the UNIQLO store are arrested

ByHelga Weber

The Beijing police arrested five males and females as they took sexual activity in UNIQLO's fitting room in China and photographed it and posted it on the net.

Five held by police for sex tape shot at Uniqlo's Beijing outlet - Nation - China Daily Asia

Uniqlo sex tape: Beijing police arrest five people - BBC News

The video has been posted to the message service WeChat, further spread in China's SNS · Waibo etc. and spread rapidly in China. Beijing police arrested five people including one pair of men and women appearing in the movie a few hours after the video was posted and said that they are investigating the criminal who uploaded the video.

The original movie that caused the cause is also posted on the following video site.

Chinese Couple Film Themselves Having Sex In A Fitting Room! (* Warning * Must Be 18 Years Or Older To View) - World Star Uncut

Inside the video, young men and women are showing sex in the fitting room, and the voice of a UNIQLO clerk is heard from behind.

A man looks like shooting a movie through a mirror holding a smartphone.

Beijing police also suspected the possibility that this movie was posted by self-made performances to attract guests by UNIQLO store side, Han Xiao who is a lawyer in Beijing City said, "If this movie is UNIQLO's If it is self-made, UNIQLO will be sentenced to a fine of 200,000 yuan to 1 million yuan (about 4 million to 20 million yen) for the crime of distributing obscene materials, and the sales license in China will be canceled I guess. "

UNIQLO, which shot a movie, is a flagship store located in the Sanlitun area of ​​Beijing, and it seems that in front of the store, it is becoming a self-shot spot for young people in front of this case.


About UNIQLO on this account, on the account of MaihiroDenial of involvementWe are calling for proper use of fitting room.

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