An accident occurs that seems to be more safe than an automatic driving car anymore

The automated driving car under development by Google is already running tens of thousands of miles (tens of thousands of kilometers) by running test runs on public roads. inside that,I had several accidentsAlthough it is clear that it is clear, basically, I know that accident is caused by carelessness of "human" driver. From the movie of the most recent accident that occurred on July 1, 2015, it seems to be hidden behind human driving and hints to solve it.

The View from the Front Seat of the Google Self-Driving Car, Chapter 2 - Medium

If you look at the movie of just 8 seconds below, you can see how accidents that Google's automatic driving car suffered.

The View from the Front Seat of the Google Self-Driving Car, Chapter 2 - YouTube

This is the traffic situation recognized by the automatic driving car. Surrounded by a red frame is an automatic driving car, and the circumstances that change every moment are recognized by polygons.

Automatic driving car stops slowly confirming that the car in front stopped at the intersection. On the other hand, the automobile behind the automatic driving car, without stopping to stop, packed the distance between the cars at once.

A rear-end collision.

I pushed out an automatic driving car, and I also steadily recoiled myself.

In addition to pushing gorigoli and car body, we are pushing out an automatic driving car.

This accident happened at the intersection of California on July 1, 2015, the signal in front of itself was blue, three of the three, including Google's automatic driving car, to the intersection to ensure safety He said that he had been waiting while interrupting the entry. However, the rear one advanced forward without applying any brake at a speed of 17 mph (about 27 kilometers) per hour, and it struck the automatic driving car. In addition, it seems that passengers of the automobile and the rear-end collision vehicle are injured slightly in this accident.

Although Google's automatic driving car has been accident in public road driving in the past, there are no accidents caused by automatic driving cars at all. Basically, it seems to have been involved in accidents caused by insufficient human attention, the safety of the automatic driving car has been cleared of the problem of safety of independent traveling, already "driving" of driving I am entering the level of how to respond to the driver.

In addition, Google analyzes the data obtained in a collision accident, and is studying what kind of cause the original accident occurred in the situation of the traffic accident, this data is a study of traffic accident It is expected to advance greatly.

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