The new iPod touch disassembled for the first time in 3 years, until the benchmark results of CPU and GPU revealed

New model that will be the first time in about three yearsIPod touch(6 th generation), but it began selling on local time from July 15, 2015. The A8 chip & M8 motion coprocessor equivalent to the iPhone 6 is carried and the rear camera has also improved from 5 megapixels of the previous model to 8 megapixel equivalent to iPhone 6,IFixitHave disintegrated into disjointed pieces and revealed their internal structure and furthermore it is clear that Ars Technica of the news site discloses CPU and GPU benchmark results to show how much the performance is improved from the previous model I will.

IPod Touch 6th Generation Teardown - iFixit

The 6 th generation iPod touch which iFixit decomposed, the display size is 4 inches, the resolution is 1136 × 640 pixels, the pixel density is 326 ppi. Wi-Fi compatible with 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, fifth generation iPod touch was compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, but newly compatible with Bluetooth 4.1. In addition, it has a 6-axis gyro and 8 megapixel main camera, which is very close to the iPhone 6 in specifications.

It is (RED model) to decompose.

Before disassembly, X-ray photography is carried out and the internal structure is roughly grasped.

The 6 th generation iPod touch does not have the Touch ID in the home button unlike the iPhone after iPhone 5 s.

So decomposition work started from here.IOpenerWarm the adhesive fixing the display panel and the chassis with ...

ISclackRemove the panels and panels using.

Next, use the screwdriver to shield the EMI shielding under the display panel ......


The next task is to remove the battery. The sixth-generation iPod touch battery seems to be a slightly different bonding method from the previous models, "This is a technique to secure the battery safer more than seen in the iPhone 5s and later" IFixit. The battery capacity of the 6 th generation iPod touch was 1043 mAh.

When removing the battery, the Lightning connector, speaker, headphone jack, home button, etc. will appear from underneath. These are connected to the logic board with straight ribbon cables,Past modelThen it was connected with the logic board with a yellow Gunegune bent cable.

On the logic board, in addition to the parts mounted on the bottom of the iPod touch including the Lightning connector, you need to remove the antenna module and the volume control button etc from the enclosure while keeping them sticking.

With this, you can finally remove the rear camera.

On the right is the rear camera module of the 6 th generation iPod touch removed, the left is the rear camera module of the iPhone 6. Both have 8 megapixels, but the shape is somewhat different, sapphire glass is not used for the 6 th generation iPod touch camera lens. Also, the sixth generation iPod touch lens has an f-number of 2.4, but the iPhone 6 lens has a f-value of 2.2.

Taking another X-ray shooting of the camera module, it looks like this.

Then separate the front camera module that remains attached to the logic board from the display panel.

The display panel is the same as the previous model iPod touch, but the bezel has turned white.

This is the 6th generation iPod touch logic board. In the red frame part is the Apple A8 chip, which is equivalent to what is installed in the iPhone 6, but the operation clock is 1.0 GHz. The operation clock of the A8 chip installed in the iPhone 6 is 1.1 GHz. In addition, there are in the orange frame partLPC 18 B 1 UK, Toshiba's NAND flash memory in the yellow frame part, 6-axis gyro and sensor for the accelerometer in the green frame partMP 67 B, A module for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth communication in the light blue frame part, a blue frame part for the touch screen controlBCM 5976, In the purple frame343S 0645.

Rear side of logic board

This is an X-ray photograph of the A8 chip.

So when you break apart like this you feel like this.

The ease of disassembling and repairing with iFixit was "4" in 10 steps.

In addition, Ars Technica is the 6th generation iPod touchbenchmarkThe result is disclosed, and it reveals that the performance is improved more than 500% of the CPU compared with the previous model and the GPU more than 900% compared with the previous model. From the parts used and the benchmark results, it can be seen that the 6 th generation iPod touch improves performance considerably from the previous models, and has the performance near the latest model iPhone.

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