I thought that the end of the world was super loud alarm clock "Super Leiden"

"Alarm clock running around the room"Or"An alarm sounds alarm until the prize is taken with a UFO catcherThere are alarm clocks for people who can not wake up with an ordinary alarm clock such as "You can not hear that a person with a deep sleep is a half-hearted alarm volume. To become a companion to rely on in the morning "Absolutely overslept tomorrow ..." is to become a companion to rely on in the morning, a super loud alarm clock that emits an impossible alarm sound exceeding 100 dBSuper Leiden"is.

NR 523 K

Loud sound volume How much sound of the "Super Leiden" sounds awful is clearly understood by playing the following movie which measured the sound volume with the sound level meter.

The volume of the high volume alarm clock "Super Leiden" looks something like this - YouTube

So "Super Leiden" arrives at the editorial department.

Kapatto opens it.

Inside is the Super Leiden body, instructions, 4 AA batteries.

The body looks something like this, there are actually electronic bells rather than electronic sounds, there is considerable presence as an alarm clock.

I tried it side by side with iPhone 5s. You can see that it is much bigger than a typical smartphone.

Looking from the side, the size is 9.8 × 22.2. × 12.5 cm with this feeling.

As it is a radio clock, it is convenient that the time does not shift once the time matches. Even the manufacturer's seal is "super intense sound!" And what about a sort alarm ......

There is an alarm sound knob at the top of the main unit, and you can switch the volume in 3 stages of "MIN / MID / SUPER".

There are various buttons and an alarm switch on the back.

Immediately put 4 AA batteries from the bottom and start Super Riden.

Try peeling off the LCD screen ... ...

The actual liquid crystal screen display looks like this. The upper half is the current time, the lower half is the date, temperature, humidity are displayed from the left.

When replacing the batteries, it is written in the instruction manual to reset, so first press the reset button on the back with a thin object such as a pen tip.

Next, to match the date and time with radio waves, punch the "Receive" on the back.

After that I only wait to receive radio waves from the radio tower. We will start to display the accurate time by receiving radio waves in about 5 to 30 minutes. There are places that it is hard to receive if it is indoors, so if you do not match the time even after minutes, it will be better to put it outdoors for a while.

That's why the time has arrived.

By default it is AM / PM display, but you can switch to the 24 hour display from the button on the back.

When you press the button on the top, the LCD lights up brightly, so you can check the clock even in a dark place.

To set the alarm clock Switch the switch on the back to "ON" ......

"Alarm time" is displayed at the lower left of the screen, so set the time you want to wake up with the "Back / Forward" button. It is a pity that it takes a little time to set the time at 7 o'clock in the morning and then at 20 o'clock in the evening, because the time can only be ticked every minute.

At the end you can set the alarm volume OK.

When the alarm goes off, it can be stopped with the upper liquid crystal light switch, but after 5 minutes snooze alarm sounds like a devil specification. To stop the alarm perfectly, you need to switch the alarm switch on the back to "OFF".

When measuring with the sound level meter, it is 88.4 decibel with the smallest "MIN" as to how much alarm sound actually is.

Already 100 over 105 dB at the middle "MID".

The strongest "SUPER" is 110.8 decibels. In a quiet environment, at 45 decibels, under the guard when the train passes at 100 decibels at 80 decibels, at 110 dB, near the helicopter near the helicopterIt is said to be the noise level.

Actually, I am using this alarm clock for over 2 years, but the volume enough to wake up with MIN. On the day that "I have to get up tomorrow absolutely" may be set to SUPER, but when I am asleep and asleep, it is girilllylin! And the moment when it rang is a level you can not understand what is going on. It is a tremendous volume, so it is important to be a nuisance to the neighborhood. I can not say "good awakening" because the heart jumps while going back, but I can almost surely wake up because I snooze again after 5 minutes even if I stop the alarm. It is enough to say "It can not happen if this happens," and it has become an alarm clock that puts overwhelming trust in the end as a result.

In addition, Super Leiden is on sale at 4788 yen if it is Amazon. It is recommended for those who say "Can not wake up with smartphone alarms".

Amazon.co.jp: PYXIS (Pixis) Alarm Clock Super Leiden Digital Radio Control Watch Loud Volume NR 523K: Home & Kitchen

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