"Night Wonder Aquarium 2015" movie & reporting repo where the night's New Enoshima Aquarium is decorated with fantastic digital art

Saturday, July 18, 2015 (Sat) from 5pmNew Enoshima AquariumTechnology studio group handling digital art atTeam LabA nightly special event that produced a night aquarium "Night Wonder Aquarium 2015"Has begun. Normally it is only done between 17 o'clock and 20 o'clock closed, so it is said that fantastic digital art space and projection mapping using Sagami Bay biggest tank in the museum will be spread, so we will cover the actual situation of the local area I did it.

Enzu × Team Lab Night Wonder Aquarium 2015

"Night Wonder Aquarium 2015" is a nightly limited event that collaborated with team laboratories to further evolve, as the night aquarium event "Night aquarium" held in 2014 at the New Enoshima Aquarium was popular. At the start from 17 o'clock, you can participate only with the admission fee of the ordinary aquarium, and those who are in the aquarium from noon can participate as it is.

So before 17 o'clock I arrived at the new Enoshima Aquarium.

Many people are already making rows.

Admission tickets are 2100 yen for adults, 1500 yen for high school students, junior high school students, elementary school students 1000 yen, infants aged 3 years and over with 600 yen.

Entered the aquarium at night.

A large amount of balloons are set in the immediate aisle ... ...

The color changes according to the movement of the person. this is"Corresponding spheres and fish at night"Directing a fantastic atmosphere with a set called.

A balloon shining also in the aquarium where the fish swims is placed and shines in response to the movement of the person.

When I look at it nearly, it is such a scene that I misunderstand.

A large aquarium is also lighted up.

Of course you can see an ordinary aquarium as usual.

In this way the penguin is also driving normally. Even after 17 o'clock you can look around the usual aquarium in a slightly different night atmosphere.

As we go further, we arrived at Sagami Bay biggest tank in the largest Enoshima Aquarium. Here we project the light across the Sagami Bay large aquarium to project the colorful flowers on the fish swimming by projecting "Flowers and fish - Sagami Bay big aquariumThe main event of "It is done at 10 minute intervals.

That's why the event started. The image projected around the aquarium is projected ......

A very beautiful sight that the same pattern appears on the fish came swimming in front of you will be spread.

There was a lot of area where the pattern was reflected in Aye, so cheers were raised every time I swam near the glass.

Flowers are blooming even while a large number of sardines roll up. As all are scenes produced by fish swimming as they are, it is a digital art work that the same moment can never be seen again.

Flower and snowflakes are projected on rays and sardines. "Flowers and fish" can be seen from the following movies.

New Enoshima Aquarium Night Wonder Aquarium 2015 "Flowers and fish - Sagami Bay big tank" - YouTube

When "Flowers and fish" finished for 10 minutes, going ahead, there was a queue near some tank of jellyfish.

This is the original content of the new Enoshima Aquarium "Universe of the Sea of ​​MoonIt was a projection mapping using jellyfish breeding aquarium hole.

That's why "Universe of the Sea of ​​March" started. Since the image is projected throughout the whole hole, even if you sit in a place you like, or if you do not have enough people you will be okay.

Various kinds of jellyfish are bred in all directions.

It is the biggest jellyfish tank visible in the back, jellyfish in the sphere in front.

During the event huge jellyfish are projected on the ceiling above the spherical aquarium ......

The underwater appearance of jellyfish is projected by projection mapping.

When the image is projected in all directions, it feels like swimming in the sea. It is tailored as a story, so that you can know the living things and history of jellyfish by narration along with the image.

Projection mapping of jellyfish "Universe of the moon" - YouTube

Also, you can see the dolphin show "Tonight dolphin NIGHT" which will be held only twice at 17:15 and 18:15 when you go to the second floor. It is a show that is usually held at noon, but depending on the time it is said that dolphins will show you the art of dusk.

In addition, the state of the dolphin show actually done can be seen from the following movie.

Dolphin Mini Performance "Tonight is Dolphin Night" - YouTube

After going around a lot, it is good to go to the "Ocean Bar / Ocean Cafe" on the second floor and to relax.

You can drink colored cocktails and so on with Night Wonder Aquarium 2015 only.

The "Night Wonder Aquarium 2015" is held from 17 o'clock to 20 o'clock every day from July 18 (Saturday) to December 25 (Friday). Because the aquarium of the night colored with technology is made to be able to enjoy both adults and children, please go there.

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