A free universal weather service "YoWindow" that you can visually understand today's weather with animation and use it even on smartphones or PCs

A service that can display real-time weather information and the latest weather forecast using animation is "YoWindow"is. YoWindow has a browser version of PC, a software version, an application for iOS · Android, and it is a service that you can know the weather forecast by animation and you will not get tired of watching it all day.

YoWindow live weather

◆ Browser version
When you open the above page, you can see "YoWindow live weather" on the browser. The default setting point is in Tokyo, real time weather is displayed in animation. The following screen is "Mostly cloudy", as the typhoon was approaching, the wind speed was slightly strong at 41 km / h (11 m / s), the flow of the clouds was fast, the trees and the grass were shaking with the squirrel.

To change the location, enter the place name in the "place" field from the menu on the left side of the screen. It also supports input in Japanese.

When I looked at the weather in Okinawa as a test, the typhoon had passed since it was gone, so it was cloudy and sunny.

Looking at the city of Tokushima where a typhoon is approaching, the pressure is 988 hPa, the wind speed is quite strong, 43 to 63 km / h (12 m to 18 km per hour), and the flowers in front of the screen have fallen down side by side with the wind.

In the live weather you can change the scenery of the animation. In the animation of "seaside", you can see the sea ship swaying in the waves with a strong wind.

"Airport" is a lot of commitment that the name of the place appears in the airport name displayed in the building.

In "Oriental style", places like Japanese gardens with pine trees, stone gardens, and azalea are displayed.

"Town" is a European-style cityscape. At the time of writing the article was still in beta.

"NEW Valley" is a field in the valley.

The weather of the major cities of the world can be easily checked by clicking on the city name at the top of the animation screen without entering the place name. Los Angeles had a quiet night.

Atmosphere of Miami also has a calm and calm atmosphere.

The weather in Oxford was cloudy.

Pyramids are displayed by default in Cairo, so that the sky in the background changes according to the weather.

The weather in Paris is sunny, the temperature is 28 degrees, the sensible temperature is 29 degrees and it seems to be somewhat hot from morning.

The picture of the Colosseum is displayed in Rome.

Animation of Kuala Lumpur looks like a huge twin tower.

When you click "NASA", weather of Alamogord with the experiment site was displayed.

Also, in the left menu, weather information is selected from "Metric", "United States", "United Kingdom", "Finland", "Russia", "Custom" ...

It is possible to change the time display format to 12 hours / 24 hours display.

Let's look at the animation screen in detail. When you click the date part, the calendar is displayed, it is possible to check past weather and future weather forecast.

The weather forecast for the next 4 days and the expected temperature are displayed on the upper left of the screen, and clicking the triangle button ... ....

Weather forecast for 9 days can be confirmed at once.

You can see the weather of the day by moving the round button on the upper right time axis to the left and right.

When you change the time, you will feel detailed attention around the clock tower's time moving accordingly.

◆ Chrome extension
In addition to YoWindow browser, you can see animation weather information with Chrome extension · smartphone application · PC screensaver.

To install YoWindow extensions in Google Chrome, open the following page in Google Chrome and click "Add to CHROME".

YoWindow Weather - Chrome Web Store

Click "Add".

Installation is completed if "YoWindow weather has been added to Chrome" appears on the upper right corner of Chrome.

Just by clicking on the YoWindow button, you can check the weather forecast as soon as you browse the web page.

The behavior and usage of Chrome extension is almost the same as browser version. To see the weather of major cities click on the triangle button on the upper right and choose the city name is OK.

To see the detailed setting, click "Options" in the lower left.

Then the setting screen opens in a separate tab and it is possible to change scenery, spots, unit, inspector (information displayed on the screen).

◆ iOS application
YoWindow's iOS application is distributed for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 5.1.1 or later version.

YoWindow Free Weather on the App Store on iTunes

To install iOS application Access the App Store from the URL above or search for "app" by searching "yowindow" on the App Store. Two types of iOS application, free version and paid version of 120 yen are delivered, and paid version has the function of hiding advertisement.

After installing the application, tap the icon to start it.

When you start for the first time, you are asked permission to use the current location, so tap "permission".

The main screen of the application is as follows and the weather of the current location is displayed, feeling that the screen of the browser version has become longer vertically as it is. It was raining, so the sound of rain fading with the laser was flowing.

As I was watching for a while, it says "Please swipe to see the change in the weather," so swipe the screen to the right.

Then I was able to confirm past weather dates. As with the browser version, you can also change the time by moving the round button on the time axis.

Furthermore, since the pointing mark is displayed on the screen, try to tap the temperature display of the fingertip.

Then the current time and weather information was displayed in detail.

Swiping to the left, it was possible to check the sunset and sunrise times, sunshine hours, the phase of the moon at a stretch.

You can update the weather from the three-line icon on the upper left of the screen, change the settings, share weather information with SNS. Tap "Options" to change setting.

From the options you can change upgrade to paid version, unit change, volume of animation etc.

It is possible to change the background image from the icon in the upper right.

As the background of weather information, it is possible to display the same "landscape" animation as the browser, take a new picture with the camera, use the photos inside the terminal. Try "Photo" to try.

Tap "OK".

Choose your favorite photo from the camera roll.

Cut the image into squares and tap "Select".

Then you can set your preferred image as the background of the weather information.

To change the location, tap the name of the spot displayed at the top of the screen.

The current location and the preset city are displayed. Tap "Edit" to add a new point.

Tap "+".

Enter the name of the spot you want to add and tap the desired spot from the city name list.

I was able to add points.

To change the point displayed on the main screen, move the city name you want to set as the home point on the point list screen to the top of the list.

When returning to the main screen, the change of the home point was reflected exactly.

◆ Android application
YoWindow weather free - Android application on Google Play

To install the YoWindow application on Android, search "yowindow" on Google Play and tap "free" of YoWindow free version application.

Tap "Install".

Tap "I agree" to install the application.

The Android version of YoWindow application has nearly the same UI and operation feel as iOS version, but in Android version you can use "Weather animation as wallpaper" "Weather widget" function. To use the wallpaper function Tap the 3 point icon in the upper right of the application screen.

Tap "Set as wallpaper".

Tap "Set as wallpaper".

Then you can check the weather at any time by animating the real-time weather as the terminal wallpaper. Since the widget addition screen is displayed on the wallpaper, press and hold the screen.

Tap 'Widget'.

YoWindow widgets are available in six types of widgets with different sizes and information.

Try adding 1 x 1 size widget to your home screen.

When placing the widget on the home screen, you go to the point selection screen, so select the place you want to display the weather and tap "Create widget".

A 1 x 1 widget is like this, it is a simple widget just showing the location name, weather and temperature.

2 x 1 Widget showing Spot Names · Weather · Temperature · Location Name · Weather forecast for 4 days · 4 × 2 Widget showing the weather forecast every 3 hours of the day · Date · Location · Weather · Temperature I tried arranging 4 × 1 widgets.

4 × 2 widget that displays the wind speed and wind direction in addition to the date / time · location name · weather · temperature · 4 × 2 widget which displays the location name · weather · temperature · wind speed · wind direction · barometric pressure · sunset / sunrise time etc. 4 × 2 The widget looks like the following.

You can check the weather at the home point from the notification area at any time without having to arrange the widget on the screen.

◆ Software & Screensaver for PC

To install software for Windows and Mac, click "Download" from the following page.

YoWindow - Desktop Weather - Weather Widget - Weather Screensaver

Click "Execute".

Click "OK".

Click "Next".

Read the license agreement and click "I agree".

Specify the destination folder and click "Next".

Click "Install".

Click "Finish" to finish installation.

Since it is necessary to set the home point at the first start, enter the city name, select it from the list, and click "OK".

This is the installed version of YoWindow, its usage is almost the same as the browser version.

To use weather animation as a screen saver, click "Set YoWindow as a screen saver" from "program".

The screensaver setting screen will be displayed, and click "OK".

The screensaver looks like the following, if weather information is displayed when not using the PC it seems to be quite convenient to be able to easily check the weather forecast.

It actually looks like the screen saver of the weather animation on the screen of the PC, the weather information is displayed by the browser or the smartphone application is as follows. When I was watching the scenery of the airport for a while, I was able to see the occasional takeoff of the airplane from the runway and the airplane flying over the sky.

In the software version, in order to set animation scenery other than the field to the back of the weather information, and to watch the weather forecast for more than 4 days, it is necessary to purchase a license after the 7 day trial period expires , The license fee is 9.98 dollars (about 1200 yen).

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