Should I check if the smartphone rings while studying or ignore it

ByScott Akerman

With smartphones, it is possible to investigate the meaning and usage of English and Kanji even without an electronic dictionary, and recently only by photographing mathematical problems will automatically tell me the answer "PhotoMathThere is also an application named "Same. There are many students who are using smartphones for studying, but if you receive phone calls and e-mails while you are studying, shimmering, sounding or burr burning,Should I check the notice content or should we continue studying?There is something you may worry about. One study has revealed that this little thought trouble leads to lack of concentration ability.

Study: Smartphones are distracting us even when we are not looking at them - Quartz

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When you notify the user by "sound" or "vibration" due to incoming calls or mail reception while engaging in some other work while keeping the smartphone near, let me know how this will affect Florida Cary Stothart who is conducting research on psychology at the state university is studying.

In his research, Mr. Stothart discovered that smartphone notification significantly reduces performance in high-focus tasks. In addition, it became clear that if you receive notifications to smartphones while doing some kind of tasks, whether you check the contents or concentrate on tasks, ignoring any attention either way It was.

ByJohan Larsson

In the research, in order to ascertain how distracting the smartphone's notice the user's attention, we asked the subject "sustained attention test" and tested how much attention the smartphone notification distracted It is. To the subjects, leave nothing to do except for receiving a sustained attention test, and after starting the test, by randomly calling the subject or by sending a mail, the smartphone Measure how much attention it has decreased when you operate or keep ignoring the notification and keep engaging in the task as it is.

As a result of the test, it became clear that the subjects who did not check the smartphone at all when the phone or email notification arrived worsen the results of the sustained attention test. Subjects who did not check smartphones at all showed a high frequency of making nearly three times as many mistakes as usual, and it seems that the response time has become extremely short. In the thesis, the reason why the response time got shorter was said to be "because the notification was anxious and reflexively responded", and in most cases the phone is more distracted than the mail It turned out that it was easy.

ByJohan Larsson

Even if you do not respond to notifications on smartphones, you will notice the presence of notifications by sound or vibration. In the paper, "Message notice may be very concise content, but it is written that thinking what kind of message it is, it becomes unnecessary to wonder what kind of message it is, by thinking what kind of message it is" This suggests that human imagination induces a lack of concentration ability caused by ignoring notifications.

It is not disclosed how much the degree of attentiveness degradation when seeing and noticeing is different is revealed but it seems that as long as notice arrives on smartphone during study it seems to distract attention , It seems better to change the setting so that notification by sound or vibration does not come.

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