"GOD OF WAR III Remastered" hasty play movie review that makes the gods full-bodied at full HD 60 fps

"GOD OF WAR III (CERO: Z)", which was nominated for "Game of the Year" which is the best award at 2010 Video Game Awards and won numerous awards such as best PS 3 game and best graphics, It realizes the operation of the play part 1080p / 60fps, it attracts various additional elements "GOD OF WAR III Remastered(CERO: Z) "was released on July 16, 2015. In the Greek myth of magnificent scale, it is said that the hero's Spartan soldier Crayitus is becoming the supreme action game to rampage against the gods, whether it can be enjoyed even by novice action games & series inexperienced people I tried playing.

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The beauty of the graphics of "GOD OF WAR III Remastered" and the null null movement should be understood well by seeing the following movies.

"God of War III Remastered" Battle of Poseidon - YouTube

When the game starts, a screen to adjust the brightness is displayed. After adjusting so that the color is clearly visible, decide by pressing the ○ button. At the start of the game, you can choose the difficulty level from "Spartans (easy)" "God (normal)" "Titan (difficult)" "Chaos (very difficult)". People who are not good at action are OK if they choose "Spartans (easy)" without hesitation. Those who are not good at action games but who like it, seems to be good if you choose "God (ordinary)". In addition, this time I chose "God (Normal)".

An opening movie begins when Gods of Greek myths rush and beat. Moreover, it was specification which can not be skipped only at the first start.

When the opening movie is over, select "New game" and decide with ○ button. It is the hero's Kuritosu staring at the player on the start screen.

A super beautiful movie starts. The presence is comparable to the movie level.

This is the gods Kureitos will fight. Everybody is a muscles figure, but I do not care because Kuritosu is too muscular.

When the movie is over, suddenly the enemies get caught wandering around.

There is no time to confirm which button corresponds to which action, but since the enemy who has boiled is Zacochara, there is no need to panic. Tentatively, it is ok if you hit the □ button of the attack with repeated hits.

In addition, □ button is weak attack, △ button corresponds to strong attack.

By pressing the R2 button, you can activate magic with wide attack range. If you are surrounded by enemies in every direction, activate magic without hesitation. It is a system that can use magic according to equipped weapons and can only use one kind of magic at the beginning of the game, but as you advance the story more usable weapons will increase, more types of magic can be used To go. The only gauge you want to keep in mind when using magic is the upper left gauge. Blue gauge corresponds to magic, it decreases with each use, so you need to be careful too much caution. The green gauge just above the blue gauge is the physical strength gauge. As you can imagine, when the physical fitness gauge becomes zero, the game is over.

It is not just weapons and magic to use to destroy enemies. It is possible to grab an enemy with ○ button ...

If you push the button further from there, you can raise the enemy and tear it splendidly, you can hit the wall. Although it may think that "It seems to be difficult to operate ... ..." when asked only this, a message box which explains the operation is displayed, so it is OK to remember while playing each time.

Clear the boiling enemies and go to the road. When the big tree comes to a place blocking the road, help of "○ button succession" is displayed at the lower right of the screen, so if you hit the ○ button repeatedly ...

Stronger Kratos throws off big trees. With this kind of feeling, the help message will assist, so it is a friendly game design for beginners.

As you move backwards, 2 enemies appear. If you tilt the right stick according to the enemy's attack ...

You can rotate around as you wrap it. As this action is quite important, it is recommended to wear it in the beginning.

Going further, a huge horse crab (Leviathan) appears. Leviathan is a boss in the stage, its size and power is surprising at first look, but it is okay to calm down and respond.

You can see how the Leviathan and the super de force battle are spreading from the following movie.

"God of War III Remastered" Leviathan First Battle - YouTube

The Leviathan 's basic attack is breath ... ...

Only to lower the crab legs.

Watch the movement firmly, and clash attacks of Kritos into the gap immediately after the attack.

After hitting several attacks, the hand of the giant group Gaia (Kratos is fighting on Gaia) which Leviathan is clinging has started moving.

It is an expansion that can be watched as an image of a powerful full score.

As Gaia's arms move, Kuritos will fight with the clinging to the ceiling. Since you can move quickly by pressing X button, attack while attacking Leviathan's attack.

When damage is given to a certain extent, Gaia's arm moves again, "How is it !?" What is going on?

Move to the original position again and start the battle.

A large ○ button will be displayed above the Leviathan where a certain amount of damage is given. Approach the Leviathan and Pochi ○ button.

Then, Kratos shifts to the transcendence attack mode (CS Attack) of which physical law is completely ignored.

During this mode, □, △ on the top, ○ on the right, × on the top are displayed, so you can enjoy the transcendent action just by pressing according to the instructions. However, if the time from display to press is too late, it will be counterattacked by the enemy. The trick is to take a look at the whole a little away from the screen.

Defeat Leviathan when the transcendence attack mode ends. Kreitos clings to the cliff of Olympus by deciding a big jump.

A big rift came out as I hit the mountains. Go to the location where you can move, hold down the left stick and push the x button.

Take a jump!

Succeeded to cling to the tree in a timely manner.

Sometimes we encounter treasure chests on the way.

It is possible to open the treasure box by long pressing the R1 button. In this time I earned the Red Orb whose experience value is up. As experiences gather up, weapons can be upgraded.

Craitus moves carefully over the narrow footing.

Zacochara is also unforgiving.

Sometimes grab the enemy with ○ button ...

□ Push the button and rush while making enemies a shield.

At the end is a little beyond the cliffs.

Here practicing a slightly more complicated move. Long press the button to launch the enemy ......

Kuritosu also jumps as it is. Jump is processed automatically.

Bishibashi attacks the defenseless enemies in the air. Once this is decided, it makes me feel better.

As I advanced the stage, I came to a place where I could not pass because there was a big rift. As R1 is displayed on the upper right, when you press it ......

Indiana Jones is no longer hooked on a clue as a weapon. You can jump and get to the other side as it is.

Next time I encountered a smaller hole.

In such a case, I pushed the X button twice and double jumped, and long pressed the X button while in the air, it was able to glide with wings growing on Krateitos. I am sensitive to Kratos who can do anything.

You can save by pushing R1 in the place where the yellow light is in the mouth. Since GOD OF WAR III Remastered has check points set everywhere, you can start over from the previous even if it gets over the game. When wondering why there is a save point ... ...

The second Leviathan has appeared. It is better to tighten your mind if you find a savepoint.

The second Leviathan match will not change so much as the first attack, so you should be able to defeat it without having to struggle to that much.

The second game with Leviathan can be confirmed from the following movie.

"God of War III Remastered" Leviathan Round 2 - YouTube

Attacking damage by giving damage while nail attacks and breaths are lifted, CS attack starts again.

Just by pushing the buttons displayed on the screen at the right time, Kratos makes Leviathan boggy.

Finally cut the claws ......

Cut out Leviathan's breast.

And pulling the huge hook cut off ... ...

I threw it to the open chest and it was a great defeat of Leviathan.

Although this tremendous and powerful action is a big appeal, this work is actually gimmicked like a puzzle that uses a head is set around the stage. For example, in a place called "heart of Gaia" ...

Upon arrival the camera moved and focused on the object shining in the wall.

When approaching the part where it was shining, you can grab a big rock with R1.

Move the rock to the other side as it is.

Just put in the empty gap ......

It became possible to go to the end stop with Kapotsu. These gimmicks are set up around the stage, sometimes thinking "ooo". However, when I solve the trap with an idea that came up after thinking, I feel unexpectedly that I get a sense of accomplishment.

Even after that, he defeated the enemy with horseshoe ... ...

Sometimes I climb the wall and kill enemies.

About 30 minutes from the start of the game I came up to the battle with the huge Poseidon which is the first stage boss.

You can check death fight with Poseidon which is the boss of the first stage from the following movie.

"God of War III Remastered" Battle of Poseidon - YouTube

Because Poseidon makes extensive attack using thunder, evacuate to a safe place and avoid it.

Sometimes I swing up my arms thoroughly ...

I'm going to punch you quite a bit.

Overcoming the attacks of lightning attacks and punches, and even the attack in Yari, when accumulating attacks, it shifts to CS attack.

The action that Crayitus shows, and the camera angle that switches one after the other is a powerful full mark, and it seems to forget to press a button unintentionally.

If you managed to destroy Poseidon, Poseidon will come back to its original form. After this, Poseidon was made too full of bad merciless by Kritos.

When you clear the stage of Poseidon you will come to the stage called "underworld". The strength of the enemy and the difficulty of the gimmick are raised as the stage goes forward, and there are quite responses.

Although the enemy becomes strong, it gets the bow and arrow of the flame (Apollo bow and arrow), the weapon is strengthened, the battle width widens and the fun is up.

In addition, if you use "Sword of Olympus" you can also gain weapons that give super armor attributes dramatically as attack power and defense power increases for a limited time.

Climb the wall in a ridiculous place ... ...

I will beat the Minotaur to clear the stage.

After overcoming many hardships you can face Hades who dominates the nether world and the soul which is the boss of the second stage. Hades is likely to be quite a strong enemy for game beginners, but if you learn the attack pattern and damage it while attacking it, you should be able to clear it with a few challenges.

Since it may become unlikely that my mind will be broken if it gets over the game many times, please look at the movie below and refer to Hades' strategy in such a case. It is not a transcendent play, but it seems to be a hint of capture.

"God of War III Remastered" against Hades - YouTube

"GOD OF WAR III Remastered" enables you to enjoy powerful images of the movie class and a variety of actions, puzzle elements at the same time, even if you are a series unplay or novice action game you can play without problems. However, as the story can be embedded in the world of Greek mythology, those who were playing the previous work and the previous work seem to be able to play in advance. Also, until July 31st (Friday) until the end of July 31st the "God of War" series works are on sale for 30% off for a limited period of time, so it's a chance to play until the previous work.

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