Nintendo submits GitHub's request to remove Game Boy emulator


It is an emulator that makes it possible to play old games on other game machines and PCs, but a shared web service used as an open source development site "GitHubOn the above, emulators in which games such as Pokemon and Mario were preloaded have been released, and it became clear that Nintendo asked GitHub to delete it.

Nintendo Shuts Down Browser Based Game Boy Emulator - TorrentFreak

There is still the fact that old console games are being released by browser based emulators, but emulators that can enjoy dozens of old nostalgic games that Game Boy Advance fans are willing to enjoy will be released on GitHub. Nintendo said that "Game Boy Advance content has been loaded in advance on informal emulators created by fans", it seems that this requested GitHub to delete for copyright infringement.

Deleted was released as a game for Game Boy Advance, "Advance Wars"Super Mario Advance"The Sims 2In addition to titles such as "Golden sun"And emulators loaded with numerous games such as successive Pocket Monsters series.


The deletion request notified to GitHub from Nintendo is published below, and in addition to the above games, a considerable number of games such as Mario Kart and Mario Party, the Legend series of Zelda, etc were loaded in the emulator I understand that.

Dmca / 2015-07-06 - at master · github / dmca · GitHub

Users who hosted the problematic Game Boy Advance content on GitHub have already deleted their own GitHub account. In addition, it is only the emulator in the state where the content for Game Boy Advance is loaded, and the JavaScript based emulator itself is still stored on GitHub.

This was not the first time that Nintendo moved to delete its informally published company's game,Browser · download version of "Super Mario 64" remade with the latest technologyIt was also hastened by haste. Also, it seems that the deletion request arrived also in the emulator application "GBA 4 iOS" which will allow you to play Game Boy Advance game without jailbreak on iOS device just like this time.

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