"100 Years of Men's Fashion in 3 Minutes" understands the change of 100-year male fashion in just 3 minutes

Looking back over the history of female fashion from 1915 to 2015 in two minutes at oncemovieHas recorded about 4 million play counts in less than a month from the release. I made this movieMODEThis time, we are publishing a three-minute movie that traces the transition of male fashion for 100 years.

100 Years of Men's Fashion in 3 Minutes ★ Mode.com - YouTube

A male model of one pants appeared.

Assistant women are dressing men with shirts and sukong.

Jackets and accessories such as hats and bow ties are also attached.

And the completion of style in 1915. An intellectual impression when the check pattern jacket matches the beret cap and eyeglasses.

It seems that it was stylish to show the lining by folding back the sleeve of the jacket.

A bowtie is a crimson one that fits in a beige suit.

Continuously, dry your hair ...

I wear a bright striped jacket.

The hat feels like wheat straw.

Cotton shoes heel

In 1925 fashion is a bright color clothing accented with a bow tie or a hat dark blue. The UK in the 1910s feels like a stage "Mary Poppins" atmosphere.

Then change to a dark pants ... ...

Tighten the tie with a shirt. A chovy beard is attached around the mouth.

Finally complete with a hat on.

Shoes are stylish design combining dark brown and white.

Fashion in 1935 is based on calm and dark color schemes.

Next is a loose-fitted beige pants ... ...

Adjust the best.

Take out the cigarette ... ....

Completion of 1945 style.

Hat is like a cowboy.

Next time, it is jeans on T - shirts, rough dressed like before.

I wear a leather jacket from the top of the T - shirt.

Converse's footstepsAll Star.

It is 1955 style to match T - shirts · jeans · sneakers to black leather jacket.

Then I will wear brownish clothes both up and down.

I put down my forehead and put my glasses on.

The 1965 style is a more impressive impression than the past fashion, but a man who dances with music in accordance with music.

Next time change to a refreshing suits of light blue ... ...

I wear Afro hair completely.

The feet are thick leather shoes.

Movie starring John Travolta "Saturday Night FeverFrom the world spread throughout the worldDisco danceA man who continues dancing with a whirlwind.

Under the jacket is wearing a paisley patterned flashy shirt, sexy dress that opened the chest wide.

It is what I say.

Now it is a pink shirt + white pants.

The sunglasses on the chest and the wristwatch are accented.

I wear deck shoes with bare feet.

It is the style of 1985 that it fits with white suits on the top and bottom.

I wear sunglasses on long hair, it is like I'm about to start running on a sports car.

Then change to juicy jeans ... ...

Also wearing sunglasses.

Once you set your hair, the style is completed in 1995.

I have a necklace of gold on the neck.

Next time I will change into a deep color jeans than 1995.

Sunglasses also changed to a modern design.

In 2005, I removed the button of the shirt and rolled up my sleeve and the rough appearance continued.

Are you conscious of the movie 'Matrix'?

At the end match the shirt with the refreshing jeans.

Shoes are short boots style.

I will carry a shoulder bag.

The bag is Pettanko, it seems that laptop computers and tablet devices are in there.

The style of 2015 is an impression such as IT businessman working in an open office rather than a suit style style salaryman tied to a traditional mold.

Shimmer with peace sign on your face.

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