I tried to make coffee using a coffee machine "AeroPress" that brings out the best of beans with the power of air

A coffee maker with its own mechanism "AeroPress(Aero Press) "is a product that has sold over 10 million units worldwide as the reputation of extracting full-fledged coffee without expensive machines spread in the word of mouth. "AEROBIE (aerobie)" company that developed AeroPress is unrelated to coffeeBeing a global frisbee manufacturerAlthough I posted articles in GIGAZINE before, I tried it by purchasing the actual product to see what kind of coffee AeroPress actually is able to make.

AeroPress® | AEROBIE® High Performance Sport Toys

Aero press coffee maker: Product information: Ogawa coffee

The package of AeroPress looks something like this. It is packaged in cardboard with a hexagonal prism in its cross section, and the packaging is transmitted as if you do not spend money.

When looking around all around, recommended comments from coffee experts etc were written in English.

At the bottom of the package is a wording meaning "one to three cups of coffee, and a coffee maker capable of extracting espresso".

On the lid on the top of the package was written a simple way of making "coffee beans and hot water waiting for 10 seconds and push gently down". This may be written for those who wondered whether to buy the package by looking at the package at the shop rather than for the person who actually bought it.

The contents of the package includes a body for making coffee such as AeroPress and a stand, a bottom pig that sets a filter, a "wax" to make it easy to put beans, a dedicated bean metering spoon, a paddle for stirring It is contained.

The main parts of AeroPress are these two. Put the beans and hot water in the cylinder called the "chamber" on the left, insert the right "plunger" from above and push it gently to extract the coffee.

Although the bottom of the chamber is pierced open like this in this way ... ...

It is designed to load a filter on the cap. AeroPress is designed to use a dedicated circular filter.

A large rubber packing is attached to the bottom of the plunger.

With this kind of feeling I set a plunger in the chamber. As it is structured like a huge syringe, pressure is applied to beans and hot water by using the pressure of air, and it is a mechanism to extract ingredients of coffee better.

◆ I actually brewed coffee at AeroPress
I will actually brew coffee where I understood the mechanism. First of all we prepare coffee beans and chambers, filter caps and white paper filters. Since the paper filter is included in the product, you can start using it immediately.

Set the filter on the cap ......

Screw it into the bottom of the chamber and complete installation.

When you set the filter, put the beans. I will use the "wax" that I bundled here.

Sprinkle the amount of beans with a dedicated measuring spoon and put it into the chamber. Approximate amount is 2 spoons of beans per 2 cups of espresso coffee.

When you put in the beans, beat the container lightly to make the beans flat.

Next, set AeroPress on the container that receives coffee. As we apply force from above, you can not use containers such as paper cups.

When you are ready, pour hot water. The temperature of hot water is best at about 80 degrees Celsius. You can not extract delicious coffee if it is too hot or too wet. For containers that receive coffee, put hot water in advance and warm them up and it is even better.

Pour hot water slowly from above the chamber. It is the best if you have a pot dedicated to coffee, but you can also pour gentle kettle pot like photo. Furthermore, it is better to avoid tap water in order to make delicious coffee. Using soft water with low mineral content is a method that is just like a theory with few mistakes, but enjoying the individuality of taste by hard water is also one of the pleasure.

Adjust the amount of hot water according to the number stated beside the chamber. If you put in 2 spoons of beans, pour hot water up to "②" OK.

When gently pouring hot water, fine beads began to strike from the beans. At first glance, it looks like 'clema' seen on the espresso's surface, but in fact it looks alike so be careful.

Pour a specified amount of hot water, stir slowly 10 times with a stirring paddle, and let the beans in hot water dance. It is a point to standing by stirring for about 10 seconds to 30 seconds when stirring, depending on the person it may steam for more than one minute.

When steaming is completed, set the plunger in the chamber ......

Apply pressure slowly from above to extract coffee. Instead of pushing down the plunger at a stretch, it is a point to extract over 10 seconds or more.

The extraction is completed when the plunger is completely pushed down and reaches the surface of the bean.

Let's taste freshly brewed coffee at once.

A coffee with a deep shade that the expression "jet black" is similar is able to feel the taste of rich coffee as expected. It was just extracting under pressure, and the flavor is exactly the same level as espresso. Even with coffee beans that you are accustomed to drinking normally you can taste the taste of solid coffee that is surprisingly surprised as "This taste comes out".

However, some people may feel that they are too rich. In that case, if you adjust the taste by adding hot water later OK. It seems that by pouring hot water after extraction, it avoids excessive ingredients from excessing beans.

Next, I compared drinking with coffee brewed using dripper which I usually use. When extracting, we adjust the amount of hot water as much as possible, so that the conditions are aligned.

In fact compared to drinking, the coffee brewed in a drip type was a familiar taste, but it felt like a bit taste burned in compared with coffee by AeroPress. Although it may be said that it says often with a fluffy taste, it seems that it felt because I drank AeroPress coffee that I feel that somewhere some ingredient has gone out.

One AeroPress impression that the taste crisp than the drip formula. I felt that Nuketa of taste got better and changed to a taste that made me feel transparent. Of course, there are individual differences in this neighborhood and evaluation is divided, but it was very impressive that the taste was clearly separated from what I thought in both.

In the case of luxury goods such as coffee, there is of course not absolutely correct answer so that evaluation on taste becomes each person. AeroPress said that it was developed with the aim of "making the best of coffee the best", but it is very interesting that the taste has changed more than my own expectation when actually brewing coffee Yes, I felt that AeroPress had its real merit here. For those who want to know more about coffee, as well as those who pursue the taste of coffee, it seems to be an interesting study tool.

Extra 1
In this way, AeroPress says that it was developed to take advantage of the power of coffee, but also the event "pursuing that possibility"World AeroPress Championship"Is held, and various ideas are brought from all over the world. In the sites below you can see the results of the competition and how to win the winner, so it seems good to try it for more delicious coffee.

World AeroPress Championship

The way that attracts attention in such a convention is to upside down AeroPress when extracting. By placing the plunger down, setting the chamber from the top and putting the beans and hot water, it seems that it will be possible to further steam the beans by doing this.

Of course in the end, press the body with the body turned over and extract the coffee. It certainly seemed that the flavor of the beans increased as it was extracted by this method. Although it is a subtle level as a change in taste, it may be that such stacking eventually leads to delicious coffee.

Extra 2
AeroPress with a unique structure makes it easy to process beans after extraction. In this way, leave a garbage bag to receive the beans and remove the filter cap.

When pushing the plunger gently with that state ......

"Spon!" And the beans were pushed out of the chamber and fell into the garbage bag beautifully.

The beans after extraction are in such a state that they contain little moisture like this. This seems to be the result of cutting off hot water and coffee ingredients by air pressure.

Though it is AeroPress with no gap with respect to making delicious coffee, if it is dare to mention disadvantages, it seems that the number of washing will increase. Although it can not be just a matter of throwing away the filter like a drip-type filter and juicing it with water, this seems to be only divisible to seek better coffee.

You can get AeroPress at a mass merchandising office throughout the country, or you can purchase it at Amazon. Amazon's price at the time of article creation was 3888 yen.

Amazon.co.jp: Aero Press Coffee Maker: Home & Kitchen

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