The reason why the eyes turn red in the pool was not "chlorine" but "pee of unrepentant"

ByNate bolt

Many people have experienced the phenomenon that eyes turn red after having enjoyed swimming in the pool. As the pool contained chlorine for disinfection, it was thought that the eye was red due to the stimulation of the chlorine in the eye, but the American research group, the actual cause is in the pool I announced that it is a secret urine that can be released secretly.

Why eyes really go red in the pool: URINE not chlorine causes reaction | Daily Mail Online

America'sWater quality / health councilAccording to a survey, about half of Americans believe that chemical substances whose water color changes when the urine flows out into the pool are believed to be contained, 71% think that the cause of redness in the pool is chlorine It is said that. However, in reality there is no chemical substance that reacts with urine to change the color of water, and the cause of the phenomenon that the eyes of people swimming in the pool become red is not chlorine for disinfection but " It was revealed to be released urine ".

Although disinfectants such as chlorine are introduced for sterilization in the pool, once urine is contained in the pool, chlorine reacts with urine, chlorine is consumed, and stimulant is produced. And it means that the stimulus generated by the reaction of urine and chlorine in the eyes of the swimmer without putting on goggles enters into the look like red blood flowing.

In order to solve this problem, the Water Quality and Health CouncilAmerica Disease Control Center(CDC),The American National Pool Foundation(NSPF) started "a program to prevent pee in the pool" and it is said that an educational campaign is in progress to inform that the inclusion of urine in the pool will harm your health .


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