Keplero Luxury Wallet "wallet in which carbon fiber case made of carbon fiber and money clip merged with magnet

Carbon fiberCarbon fiber knitted with is a "light and strong" material with a tenfold strength with a specific gravity of one quarter of iron. Combine such a carbon fiber made case made of carbon fiber and money clip, it is possible to desorb with a powerful magnet Very thin wallet "Keplero Luxury WalletI arrived at the editorial department, so I tried what it actually is like.

Keplero Luxury Wallet

You can see how Keplero Luxury Wallet's wallet is actually using when you see the following movie.

Deform the Keplero Luxury Wallet and take out the card - YouTube

A parcel of parrots arrived from the United States to the editorial department.

What was inside is like a card case made of carbon fiber with its unique texture pattern is beautiful. Because I do not remember ordering, "I think this is ... ...?" ...

This is a carbon fiber ultra-thin wallet "Keplero Luxury Wallet" campaign started with Kickstarter, and a letter was enclosed with "I saw samples sent along with the campaign start!"

That's why it is like this when you take it in your hand first.

The reverse side is a money clip.

The thickness is about 1 cm, thin enough to be unimaginable.

The size of Keplero Luxury Wallet is 104 mm × 66 mm. Thickness and weight vary depending on the number of parts to be added, 4.5 mm / 28 g for 2 (front and back), 6.5 mm / 40 g for 3, 9 mm / 50 g for 3.

Inside, multiple card cases are stuck with powerful magnets, and they can be expanded like a trump.

Since it is a strong magnet that does not readily open even if pulling left and right, it does not seem to happen that there is no card if you notice it.

Disassembled into 4 parts when separated.

Each part on the front and back can store one card at a time, two cards at the middle two parts, and carry up to six cards.

To assemble the wallet, we put two pieces together so that the positions of the magnets of each other match ......

Just "snap" and close. You only need to attach as many cards as you need, so fewer cards will be more compact. It is engraved as "KICKSTARTER", but depending on the investment plan it is also possible to engrave any character you like.

Looking at 1,000 yen bills on a money slip, this way. It is tried to fold because it is too large if it is folded in half, but it is correct to pinch a fold banknote because it is too big for a dollar bill to double fold.

You can take out the card by sliding it with your finger after deploying Kasha. Because it is thinner than most smartphones, you can carry cards and cash in your pocket without feeling stressful. Carbon fiber has ten times the strength of iron, so if you put it in your breast pocket, you catch something like a bullet at the time of emergency, possibly causing miraculous thought even in a crisis of desperate situation There may be also.

In addition, because the Keplero Luxury Wallet is made of carbon fiber, it is a wallet of "RF block" that prevents reading from the outside of credit cards and IC cards, and through "electronic money management" of stored cards and wireless You can prevent remote skimming etc.

Keplero Luxury Wallet is now seeking investment with Kickstarter, and the investment plan is as follows.

· $ 69 (about 8500 yen):Keplero Luxury Wallet (4 cards stored), no plate, only 150 people
· $ 89 (approx. 10,000 yen):Keplero Luxury Wallet (4 cards storage), gold plate or aluminum plate, limited to 250 people
· $ 129 (about 15,800 yen):Keplero Luxury Wallet (6 cards storage), gold plate or aluminum plate, custom engraved plate, limited to 250 people

Product shipping is planned around October 2015, shipping to Japan requires a separate shipping fee of $ 7 to $ 12 (about 860 yen to 1400 yen). The deadline of investment is 13:01 on August 29 (Saturday).

Keplero Luxury Wallet by Erasnep LLC - Kickstarter

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