Improve the image quality dramatically as Microsoft improves the VR headset "Rift" lens

Oculus 'VR headset'Rift"Was officially announced and it was also announced that Oculus partnered with Microsoft. That Microsoft has designed the lens unit for Rift independently, and succeeded in projecting images more clearly and clearly.

Oculus Rift HMD Lens - Microsoft Research

Microsoft says Oculus Rift distorts world, grinds corrective lenses • The Register

According to Microsoft Research Institute, the lens sharpness is lost in Rift's genuine lens unit,aberrationIt can be confirmed. A technician at the Microsoft laboratory who felt "It is a waste of losing immersion in this way!", Has independently designed the lens unit for Rift to reveal clearer and clearer images He seems to have succeeded in projecting.

This is a lens unit for Rift developed by Microsoft Research Institute. It consists of two convex and concave lenses each. The price of the designated lens is about 200 dollars (about 24,000 yen) for one eye.

The left is a genuine lens unit of Rift, the right is the lens unit invented by Microsoft Institute.Oculus Rift DK 2Can be exchanged for the unit.

The difference in performance is obvious from the actual comparison. Although it is a video using the lens unit invented by Microsoft Laboratory on the screen, although the field of vision is slightly compared with the lens of Rift genuine, it realizes a clear and clear image in detail.

According to Microsoft Research Institute the contrast is significantly inferior unless it is a lens without antireflective coating. The Microsoft laboratory also publishes the CAD data of the lens unit so that anyone can use 3D printers to reproduce lens units that can obtain high image quality.

Oculus Rift HMD Lens - Microsoft Research

Oculus which got Rift 's Xbox One controller support and Windows 10 native support through partnership with Microsoft, but it seems that Microsoft' s high technical ability also gotten unexpected by - products. I am very wondering if the technology of this lens unit will be utilized for Rift released in Q1 (January to March) of 2016.

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