Chef's burger that can be made in 5 minutes was added to 'Lotteria at home' so I made it at home and tried it out

In a phrase "Lotteria's taste can be enjoyed at home", Lotte Online Shop's "Lotteria at homeIn the corner we sell chicken and coffee to eat in Lotteria. From there on June 25 (Thursday) as a new product "Excellent cheeseburger thick"When"Kobe beef hamburger steak"Has been added. I decided to actually buy what kind of taste the main menu of Lotteria that I could eat at home.

Cheeky Burger Excellent Thickness 【Lotteria】: Lotte Online Shop

Kobe beef hamburger steak 【Lotteria】: Lotte online shop

That is why it arrived.

A big box is "Lotteria's exquisite thick cheeseburger ".

Once you open the box you will find cooking methods, patty, cheese and buns. This box can make six thick cheese burger with excellent thickness.

Since cheeseburger is said to be completed in about 5 minutes, I will make it along the recipe.

First we measure about 26 g of cheese and the rest in the freezer.

Along with buns, patties and cheese, this is one serving.

Next, warm Patty in a microwave oven (500 W) for about 3 minutes.

After confirming that it was warmed up, open it and transfer it to a heat-resistant dish.

And cheese on top of patties. Cheese will spill as much as possible on the dish, and it is a huge trick to put it on the patt well even if it becomes like a mountain.

Continue bake the buns until you get to your favorite burn adjustment with an oven toaster with aluminum foil spread. Approximately 1 minute is OK, if there is no oven toaster heating in a microwave (500 W) for about 1 minute.

During baking buns, patty with cheese was heated in a microwave oven (500 W) for about 1 minute.

If the cheese gets lumpy OK

If you put Patty on the buns with grilled eyes, it is completion of a thick cheese burger.

A lot of cheese grabs the buns firmly and does not separate.

In addition, the pasture and the meat juice overflow from Patty which was heating up until a while ago. Because it is a combination of lumpy cheese and Zushiri weighty patty, satisfaction is increased even if there is no other equipment. When you eat at a shop, you may encounter problems such as "cheese sticks to wrapping paper!" "You have cooled down while taking home", but if you cook just before you eat yourself you can eat cheese Because you can eat burger, you may be able to eat delicious things in some cases than shops.

Following Burger, I will cook "Kobe beef hamburger steak" that I entered in a black box.

3 boxes in one box. However, the source is common in one bag.

This sauce can be used without heating.

However, because it was said that it will be more delicious by warming it for about 4 minutes, I warmed it thoroughly this time.

Place the hamburger in a frozen state on a dish and heat it in a microwave oven (500 W) for about 3 minutes.

Take it out of the bag and complete with the sauce that you just warmed up.


The taste of the meat is tightly packed and the taste is thick. In addition to becoming the main side dish where you can eat rice cake with this one piece, it is ant to put it as a hamburger in the buns. The size is as small as 100 g per one, but if this taste is solid, it is perfect if you put it in a lunch box to eat after cooling down.

The price is "6 meals thick cheese burger" with 6 meals set including tax 3900 yen (650 yen per piece), "Kobe beef hamburger steak" set of 3 pieces and tax included 3200 yen (about 1067 yen per piece). It is not a price setting never "cheap!" But if you realize this taste it is convincing that it will be about this price.

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