That Lawson 'Premium Roll Cake' renewed for the first time, I tried to see how it evolved compared with the old product

Since its launch in September 2009, Lawson's sales, which has sold more than 250 million units and now became a representative of convenience stores,Premium roll cake"Has been renewed for the first time surprisingly and sales have started since June 28, 2015 today. So, I tried to eat and compare how we evolved from the conventional premium roll cake.

"Premium roll cake" first renewal | News release | Corporate information | Lawson

The new "Premium Roll Cake" which was renewed on the left, the former "Premium Roll Cake" on the right.

The package has been changed to polka dot pattern. As for the price, the old "premium roll cake" was 154 yen including tax, while the new "premium roll cake" was reduced to 150 yen including tax.

The new "premium roll cake" is 222 kcal.

The former "Premium Roll Cake" was 227 kcal, so calories are decreasing slightly.

Both old and new creams, eggs, saccharides, and raw material notation are exactly the same. It is the same as requiring cold storage of less than 10 degrees.

The left is the new "premium roll cake" and the right is the former "premium roll cake". The size is almost the same, and it is never said that the content has decreased due to price cuts.

The premium roll cake is a sweet that became popular even in the style of "eating with a spoon", when I try to scoop the cream with a spoon, the cream is somewhat harder than before. When you put it in your mouth, the moist texture is alive, with a clear sweetness it is indeed a "premium roll cake" feeling. The cream uses beet granulated sugar produced in Hokkaido which is characterized by gentle sweetness without unpleasant taste.

The left is the new "premium roll cake" and the right is the former "premium roll cake". Although it is hard to understand in the photograph, the cream of the new "premium roll cake" is slightly yellowish. Compared with eating, the new "premium roll cake" has better sweetness and the impression that the cream of the former "premium roll cake" is "light".

Pamper the new "Premium Roll Cake" along with the sponge. The sponge is softer than the former "premium roll cake", and pure sweetness is transmitted straight. It is said that the new "premium roll cake" used fine Hokkaido wheat so that it melts in the mouth finely, and the effect of material change is certainly likely to be effective.

On the other hand, the old "Premium Roll Cake" is clearly spongy compared to the new "Premium Roll Cake". It's a subtle difference, but you can tell by comparing it with eating.

Also, because the new "Premium Roll Cake" has lost its grilled eyes, sweetness is easy to be transmitted, and it is finished in a clean sweetness.

The renewed "Premium Roll Cake" is a sweet with an impression of refreshing flavor that you can enjoy more pure sweetness by reviewing the material and eliminating grilling. Also, although it was slightly lower for renewal, we also reduced prices, finished in sweets that seems to be LAWSON's enthusiasm and company effort to premium roll cake.

However, since the grilled eyes in the former premium roll cake enjoyed "sweetness of adults" with a bitter aroma, it seems to be said that whichever is newer or better is a matter of taste completely. Should I say that it is selfish that "If possible, I want you to sell the old premium roll cake together!"

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