"Akamai's State of the Internet" which understands 'Horizontal horizontal communication of voice data communication' and 'Average speed of smaho and the world of the world' etc.


Content delivery networkAkamai, one of the largest enterprises of the long-established company of CDN, is an Internet trend report that shows the connectivity to the Internet in the countries of the world in the first quarter of 2015 and uses of the Internet "Akamai's State of the Internet: Q1 2015 Report"Is released to the public.

Akamai's State of the Internet | Q1 2015 Report | Connectivity, Trends

In the world ranking of the number of owned IPv4 addresses, Japan has ranked fourth in 44,475,7590 cases following the United States, China and Brazil.

The rest of IPv4 is steadily decreasing each time it follows the day,IP address exhaustion problemIt is understood that it is getting worse. About 10 million new IPv4 address connections were made to Akamai's CDN, which is 1.2% higher than the previous quarter.

Countries where IPv6 instead of IPv4 is prevalent are concentrated in the Americas and European countries such as Belgium, Germany, America, Peru, Luxembourg, Switzerland.

Korea is the No. 1 average line speed, and we are starting out an average of 23.6 Mbps. Second place is Ireland (17.4 Mbps), Hong Kong (16.7 Mbps) third place, Sweden (15.8 Mbps) fourth place, the Netherlands (15.3 Mbps) fifth place, Japan (15.2 Mbps) 6th place. The world average average line speed is 5.0 Mbps and it seems that it is up 30% in the past year.

The world's average maximum line speed is 29.1 Mbps, the country of Asia is followed by 98.5 Mbps in Singapore, 1st in Singapore, 92.6 Mbps in Hong Kong, 2nd in 79.0 Mbps in South Korea, and 3rd in Korea, as seen by country. The maximum line speed in Japan is 70.1 Mbps in the 7th place in the world.

Android's Chrome family accounts for overwhelming proportion throughout the year for mobile browser share of mobile browser using mobile phone network.

Including networks other than the mobile phone network, the proportion of Apple's Safari has increased. According to a survey conducted by Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson, mobile data traffic volume has increased by 12%.

The country with the highest mobile device line average speed in the Asia Pacific region is 8.8 Mbps in Korea and the maximum speed is 149.3 Mbps in Australia. Japan has an average speed of 7.7 Mbps and a maximum speed of 126.0 Mbps.

The graph below summarizes the volume of voice communications & data traffic of the world every quarter from 2008. Although voice communication is nearly flat and not much change is seen, you can understand at a glance how data communication is accelerating increasing around 2011.

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