The largest pixel art in the past made by manually arranging 1,128,960 blocks in Maincraft for 23 weeks and a half has been of great quality

In the game of Minecraft,Thorlar ThorlarianMr. Nobuhiko accumulated 112,8960 blocks with only a handful of characters, with the help of other users' hands and Redstone circuitry, and completed the largest pixel art in the history of Minecraft. It seems that it takes 23 weeks and a half to do the work time, and proves that only one person created pixel art by delivering the state of the work live streaming.

Biggest Minecraft pixel art in the world! 1.128.960 blocks! - YouTube

When you play the movie, it looks like you were delivering live streaming and stacking blocks.

Arrange "Obsidian (obsidian)" ...

Immediately destroy the extra arranged items.

It seems that even black series express fine colors by using "Block of Coal (coal block)" and obsidian properly.

Whether all the blocks have been arranged, suddenly change the viewpoint and see the blocks that have been arranged so far.

I will start moving towards the blue sea where you can see it ... ...

No matter how long it will pass, blocks will emerge and never reach the ocean.

While moving, a picture appears on the lower ground.

Here you can see that the block spreading downward is the picture of something.

It seems that the rendering of the block can not catch up anyhow.

Thorlar Thorlarian, the producer, finally starts dancing on the upper left of the screen with the completed pixel art in front of you.

That's why pixel art completed.StarCraft(Starcraft) is an important character to appear in the seriesSarah KelriganIt is the figure after Zerg infection.

It will gradually go up but it is high definition that I can not figure out what was drawn using a block on Minecraft.

It is a level that you can understand that it is finally created with blocks after raising your face so far. Since 23 week = 161 days, I have created this pixel art over 5 months, but I am convinced that this quality will take more than 5 months.

In addition, Sarah Keligan's pixel art high resolution version made on Minecraft is also released.

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