Fingerprint authentication lock · USB charging · Position tracking · Weighing measurement · Virtually hi-tech suitcase equipped with Bluetooth speaker "SpaceCase 1"

When choosing a hard case type suitcase that is useful for traveling, it is often chosen based on factors such as durability, lightweightness, designability, etc. However, in high-tech performance, I am pride that "SpaceCase 1"is.

I can understand why SpaceCase 1 is high-tech performance No. 1 by seeing the following movie.

SpaceCase 1 - World's Most Advanced Smart Suitcase - YouTube

This is a suitcase that says "the smartest in the world" "Space Case 1"

The fingerprint authentication button next to the handle to catch the eye first.

Space Case 1 can unlock by fingerprint authentication.

Space Case 1 has a package tracking function.

Since you can check the location of Space Case 1 with your smartphone, you can also find out where the case is when you encounter lost bagage at the airport.

"To be overdeliverred by overweight" is a kind of trouble in traveling by airplane.

But with Space Case 1 with a digital scale, you can check the weight with a smartphone so you do not have to worry about unexpected weight over.

Space case 1 also has two USB ports for power supply.

Built-in 12000 mAh high capacity battery, it is extremely convenient because you can charge two terminals at the same time.

Space Case 1 is equipped with speaker of Bluetooth connection.

Enjoy music at the hotel ......

You can respond to hands-free phones.

In Space Case 1, measures against luggage theft are also perfect. Even if it seems that the thief steals secretly ...

When it detects that the proximity sensor has left the smartphone, the alarm sounds and repels the thief.

Of course, if you notice a withdrawal immediately ...

You can search Space Case 1 by relying on smartphones.

Space Case 1 is made of polycarbonate, strong against impact and sturdy, and can withstand the harsh environment from minus 100 degrees to 125 degrees.

In addition, functional parts linked with smartphones are designed to be easily replaced with a single driver, and within 10 years warranty period, you can ship replacement parts to any country in the world within 24 hours I am relieved to get it.

A suitcase that recognizes itself as the smartest in the world "Space Case 1" is currently available as a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. I succeeded in collecting more than 190,000 dollars (about 23 million yen) in a week from the start of the project against the target price of 50,000 dollars (about 6 million yen).

In the Space Case 1 project, a Space Case 1 with a height of 55 centimeters with a capital of $ 249 (about 30,000 yen), one Space Case with a capital of 299 dollars (about 37,000 yen) and a height of 73.6 centimeters One can be acquired and the shipping cost to Japan is 105 dollars (about 13,000 yen), and shipment in November 2015 is scheduled.

The time limit for contribution to the Space Case 1 project is until the 23:02 July 16, 2015 of Japan time.

Space Case 1 - The World's Most Advanced Smart Suitcase by Planet Traveler - Kickstarter

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