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In some areas of the United States there are towns where all radio waves are blocked and the use of mobile phones and radios is prohibited. Although it is inconvenient and difficult to live for modern people at first sight, it is difficult to live for contemporary people, but in the town there is an electromagnetic wave that "the body bathed in electromagnetic waves by using electric products for a long time causes excessive reaction, causing blurred eyes and headache and dizziness" People suffering from hypersensitivity gather and a quiet contest is occurring.

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In the state of West Virginia, USAGreen BankIs known as "a city without radio waves". Editor Cumming, a writer, visited the Green Bank in early March 2015 and as the vehicle approached, the sound of the radio in the car gradually disappeared and turned into white noise, and the radio waves of the mobile phone also became out of the service area about.

Cumming's radio and mobile phones are out of the reach of radio waves is in the city of Green BankNational National Radio Astronomical Observatory(NRAO)ofGreen Bank Telescopeis. Built on the back of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Green Bank Telescope is a radio telescope for observing stars, nebulae, supernovae, etc. In order to capture the slight light emitted from the stars, every telescope It is shutting down electronic equipment. It is said that the use of various household electric appliances that do not meet the standards is prohibited in towns ranging from microwave ovens and electric blankets.

Telescopes operated by the National Security Agency (NSA) are installed in the city of Green Bank, and thanks to the blocking of radio waves, the Green BankElectromagnetic hypersensitivity(EHS)It is a paradise for those who suffer. Although the diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO) has not been prepared and electromagnetic hypersensitivity is not clearly recognized as illness, in the past 10 years about 40 electromagnetic hypersensitivity patients settled in the Green Bank I heard he did. Cumming, who arrived in the city, is walking along the only boulevard in the Green Bank city, "While the city is centered on telescopes, schools, churches, libraries, studio, gas stations and supermarkets, public toilets , I found the restaurant, etc. is a small town where it is built. "


Cumming went into a small restaurant and asked Mary of Waitress to relocate to Green Bank, "I heard about everyone's thing because everybody is a small town. Everyone who migrates to this town is" I can not hear whether the condition is normal, but it is not inconvenient if I do not have a cell phone separately.In the house I use Wi-Fi on the Internet We can connect so it's okay. " Mr. Cumming wondered as "Whether Wi-Fi can be used in a city where radio waves are prohibited?", Mary says "Although it is not publicly available, using the Wi-Fi at home is not It is not illegal, sometimes the Observatory officials ask for "I want the Wi-Fi equipment to be turned off".

Arnie Stewart, who lives in the Green Bank for many years, seems to have migrated to the Green Bank after retiring from the mandatory retirement age, "The number of people who move to the Green Bank has increased since six years ago, It is said that he decided to emigrate to escape from the adverse effect of the radio tower of the cellular phone.If people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity suffer strong radio waves blur visibility and rash on the face I myself When sitting for several hours in front of the PC, my face is getting hot. "

Originally, Stewart was skeptical about the disease called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, but when I took a mobile phone secretly to a meeting where patients with electromagnetic hypersensitivity gathered, everyone noticed the presence of mobile phones, He seems to be convinced of the existence of a disease called electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Stewart says, "People suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity think that they must get used to the environment with radio waves and adapt while having symptoms, but some people do not." .

ByNana B Agyei

Diane Schou, who moved to the Green Bank in 2007, lived in the vicinity of the radio tower previously built in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and was plagued by bad headache every day, blurred vision, facial rash , It seems that it was not noticed that it is due to the radio waves of mobile phones. "My symptoms seemed to be totally radiation faults, it took to the doctor, but the diagnosis was ambiguous, and gradually it began to think that the radio tower was the cause," Schou I will look back on those days.

Schou went through the United States seeking land with less radio wave influence, he visited countries of the Scandinavian peninsula and Nicaragua in Central America. Among them, Sweden is one of the few countries that recognizes electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a physical disorder. The government has set up a radio wave isolation site for patients, and many patients with electromagnetic hypersensitivity are gathering. However, the use of electric fences and cordless phones for dairy farming is not prohibited, it seems that it was not a satisfactory place for Schou. Ultimately Schou decides to move to the Green Bank and says that Wi - Fi equipment in the home and the presence of electric wires on the street are worrisome, "It is still a good place in the worst world".

In order to transform the city of Green Bank into one that is easy to live, Schou proposed to attract the store. A one-dollar shop opened, but Schou says to the shop side to remove the halogen light, as it can not tolerate the symptoms caused by the store's halogen light. In addition, Mr. Schou seems to have begun to request other residents to turn off unnecessary lighting and change bulbs.

Mr. Stewart said, "She was overdoing, and Schou was doing an effort such as letting his companion electromagnetic hypersensitivity patient migrate to the city, but there is not enough house or job in this small town I did it. " And finally the meeting of the town was held after Schou's violence. A representative of the city at the rally insisted that "If one or two electromagnetic hypersensitivity patients are overlooked silently, Schou says that it is inconceivable to let a large number of patients migrate to the city," Schou to the opposition "Although I just want to help my colleagues people in the town will stop stopping the immigration of people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or prohibit entering the shop." The hostile situation of the city with Schou is still continuing now.

Charlie Meckna, who just moved to the Green Bank in July 2014, is more conservative than Schou, saying "It is not easy for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivities to take actions that make attention about the radio wave environment and draw attention around them It is far from the essential problem concerning illness. " Meckna also did not know why his symptoms happened for many years, but it turned out that the cause was due to the mobile phone and the public Wi - Fi spot. Meckna says, "Dizziness and nausea occur when walking through the streets, and tinnitus has occurred in a bad time.The Green Bank is not a perfect place, but it can avoid the severe symptoms that are likely to die." .


British charity group for those suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivityElectrosensitivity UKSarah Dacre, the leader of the company, predicted that the government is hiding inconvenient truths for reasons why research on electromagnetic hypersensitivity has not progressed. Dacre says, "Studies of customary government-led diseases do not constitute a reliable indicator of health hazards", and we are advancing our own research within the organization.

Cumming who visited the Green Bank said, "It is difficult to interview without electronic equipment or the Internet, Green Bank was a difficult place to live for me, but Green Bank is not only a patient with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, And for modern people who are always in the environment and constantly suffering from e-mail notifications, it can be said that it is a place to relax. "Regarding electromagnetic hypersensitivity," It is an excessive reaction to the stimulation of radio waves and the symptoms are really Where it is not possible to diagnose whether it is going on or not, whether the disease is a matter of argument but because the mental state becomes unstable and sometimes causes actual symptoms, who is to laugh at those who suffer I can not do it. "

ByTimothy Vogel

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