Amazon tried to introduce machine learning and tried to improve the reliability of the display order and the number of stars


It is helpful to buy things by net shopping, evaluation of users actually purchased and evaluation of satisfaction. Although Amazon's leading shopping site also displays reviews and satisfaction levels, it is a reference at the time of purchase, machine learning has been introduced in the review display system, "It is expected that new arrivals reviews and useful reviews will be displayed at the top It is reported that.

Amazon looks to improve customer-reviews system with machine learning - CNET

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In this new machine learning system, reviews on new arrivals of products, reviews written by users who actually purchased items at Amazon, reviews reviewed by those who viewed reviews as "helpful", etc. in the review column Mechanism to display on top of. Also, the "number of stars" indicating the rank of the item was calculated from the average value of all the reviews so far, but it is said that it will be changed to a method that focuses on the useful review as above.

Amazon's spokeswoman Julie Law said, "This in-house developed system lets customers review what reviews they refer to and continues to improve the review column, It will be more beneficial to our customers. "

Customer reviews play an important role in Amazon's product page, and it is an indicator that determines whether or not customers will purchase products, "Amazon is considerably concerned about changing the evaluation method of the item It is,Appeal to a seller who imitated a five star reviewWe are moving to eliminate fake reviews and allow customers to trust reviews, "CNET commented.

Finally it turned out that Amazon appealed stemmers who imitate and sell 5 star reviews - GIGAZINE

By utilizing the machine learning system, Law says, "Users can see reviews reflecting the latest information on products," even if details of products being sold changed, for example, new The review is displayed at the top so that users will be able to know about product changes immediately.

In addition, in the United States has introduced a new machine learning system from Friday, 19th June 2015, but whether or not it will be operated on other country version of Amazon, such as the Japanese version of It is undecided.

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