We found that ingestion of caffeine can reduce chronic stress


When you ingest "caffeine" contained in coffee, energy drinks, etc., the human body has variousEffects and problems. For such caffeine "Chronic stressIt is newly found that there is an effect to alleviate the problem.

Caffeine acts through neuronal adenosine A2A receptors to prevent mood and memory dysfunction triggered by chronic stress

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It is a state where load is applied to the mind and bodystress"There are two types of" acute stress "that occurs when sudden changes and crisis situations occur, and" chronic stress "which is a burden to the body and mind that is sustained. It is said that taking caffeine can reduce chronic stress and it is possible to reduce adverse effects from chronic stress such as "depression" and "memory loss". The action of ingesting caffeine more than usual to relieve stress is more effective than I imagined.


Coffein announced that it is effective for relieving chronic stress is that of Coimbra UniversityCenter for Neuroscience and Cell BiologyA research team working at CNC. Thesis isBulletin of National Academy of Sciences(PNAS) was announced. The research team carefully investigates signal transduction in the human body and investigates how caffeine affects the brain.

Chronic stress may change neural circuits in the hippocampus of the brain. When this happens, the mood of humans diminishes, memory is lowered, and other emotions are depressed. The CNC research team is conducting experiments to ascertain what kind of thing happens in the mouse of a mouse exposed to chronic stress like a human being, and in order to expose the mouse to "long-term stress" It seems he tilted, wetted sawdust, and replaced the cage frequently.

Experimental results show that exposure to chronic stress also causes weight loss and memory loss in mice. In addition, Mus musculus exposed to chronic stress seems to be lethargic and not sensitive to stimulation. In the experiments, we also investigated the effect of caffeine intake on chronic stress by demonstrating the effect of chronic stress and then ingesting caffeine-containing water in mice. As a result of the investigation, in mice consuming caffeine, depression symptoms gradually went away, and it seems that memory disorder also improved.

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To demonstrate how chronic stress affects the mind and body and how caffeine exerts its effect on chronic stress, in order to investigate why caffeine can reduce chronic stress, research team Is in the human brainAdenosine receptorInvestigate the changes that occur in. There are four types of receptors for brain adenosine receptors, A1, A2A, A2B and A3, and caffeine is said to act on this adenosine receptor protein.

As a result of investigating the change of the receptor, by exposure to chronic stress, the neurotransmission function changes to an antagonist known as a substance interfering with the binding of the molecule to the receptor, decreasing the adenosine A1 receptor and decreasing A2A Discover to increase. We also discovered that the adenosine A2A receptor mimics the effect of caffeine on chronic stress and concludes that the A2A receptor plays an important role in chronic stress.

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