NASA launches public space video on YouTube at 4K / 60fps transcendental quality space image

YouTube started in October 2014Started correspondence of 60 fps videoI have done so farPublish numerous photos and imagesNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) will start offering space images with the highest picture quality at 4K / 60fps at the present time on YouTube.

NASA is starting to upload 4K, 60fps videos to YouTube | The Verge

Prior to the release, the trailer movie released by NASA is here. In fact you can see 4K / 60fps video.

Ultra High Definition Video from the International Space Station - YouTube

In order to actually experience the 4K / 60fps picture quality, it is necessary to click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the screen and select "2160p60 4K" at the top. Also, to play this image quality picture, you need to be aware of the proper machine power and a display compatible with 4K / 60fps.

The appearance of the International Space Station (ISS) floating in the jet black universe. It sounds like a scene in the movie, but it seems to have taken the real thing properly.

The dawn scene of the universe is also high quality.

The astronaut's awesome appearance moving with the inside of the ISS

After all the high image quality is most utilized is the image capturing the appearance of the earth

Shortly after this preview movie was released, NASA released a long version of the same video. The trailer was as short as 20 seconds, but this movie is a long thing like 3 minutes 55 seconds plenty.

Ultra High Definition Video from the International Space Station (Reel 1) - YouTube

Just like the trailer, in order to actually see 4K picture quality, it is necessary to set picture quality in advance. However, only movie "2160p 4K" can be chosen with this movie, 60fps can not be chosen.

Even if you actually check the properties of the image, you can see that the width is 440 pixels with 3840 pixels, but you can see that the frame rate is 23.976 fps, not 60 fps. Actual 4K / 60fps video seems to be provided in the future.

NASA also publishes the test video of the rocket under development on YouTube. The following movie is a test of the 1st stage rocket engine "RS-25" used for the next generation large rocket "Space Launch System (SLS)" conducted on May 29, 2015 at the Stennis Space Center, Mississippi Landscape. It includes a figure that makes explosive sounds for 450 seconds and raises white smoke.

Steamy Summer Begins for SLS with RS - 25 Test - YouTube

Also, the state was also announced at NASA's site.

Steamy Summer Begins for SLS with RS-25 Test | NASA

· Extra 2
Three astronauts staying at ISS have finished 199 days of space life and have also released footage returned to Earth on the Russian spaceship "Soyuz".

Watch 3 Astronauts Return Home from the Space Station | TIME

The Soyuz spacecraft with three people landed in Kazakhstan on 11th June. In the following movie, you can see the state of the capsule spraying the engine near the ground and the state of the three astronauts getting off the ground.

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