Headline news on June 16, 2015

Bandai Official Site · Premium Bandai, which brings out items that seize the hearts of fans, has become a figure of Takeshi appearing in "Pocket Monster" this time. Its appearance, as a leader at Nibbimime, as a prototype teacher who gave a dot picture game screen as a reference material worked hard,Mr. GonYaBiscuitsIt has become an innocent as well. The price is 3456 yen including tax, reservations are accepted until 23 o'clock on Monday, August 31. Shipping is scheduled for November.

HG Takeshi | Premium Bandai | Bandai Official Website

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Online Color Challenge" that you can test your color sensation - GIGAZINE

Development of fibers capable of charging smartphones with nanotechnology is in progress - GIGAZINE

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5th counterattack of Fushimi red mambo | National Geographic Japanese version site

The average speed of bluefin tuna is 7 kilometers per hour. The sunfish swam was very much like a penguin. Watanabe Yuji, a penguin who captures the food for 160 times in one hour and unlocks the natural appearance of the world's marine animals one after another, with full use of the technique "bio logging". We are planning various investigations including sharks in Australia in 2015. Well what kind of animal's story pops out next?

Chemical Experimental Instrument Operation Video Movie Collection | Basic Chemistry Experiment | Kyoto University

Night's stress Enemy NHK news of the body clock

A surge in global air temperature of 4.3 degrees due to climate change, IEA's alarm bell photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

Leap second insertion work | Other events | Akashi municipal astronomical science hall

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【Kansai's argument】 Movement of Yuru characters to attract linear ... ... "Nara route" I want to make it a blank paper Governor's stabbing in Kyoto "Kansai Ichimaru" When it comes to (1/3 pages) - Sankei WEST

Tokyo Newspaper: JR Hokkaido Shinkansen Today · Visit Hakodate city tomorrow Strengthen collaboration to Utsunomiya station stop: Tochigi (TOKYO Web)

Do not destroy Takao mountain tomb in Numazu: Shizuoka: Chunichi Newspaper (CHUNICHI Web)

U.S. established firearm manufacturer "Colt" management collapse NHK News

No scattering of radioactive substances affecting living area NHK News

I asked constitutional scholars - the final result of questionnaire survey on security legislation - news station

A questionnaire survey was conducted on 198 authors of the Constitutional Case 100 choices, and 151 people got a reply.
(Survey period 6 - 12 Sending questionnaires, except those who passed away and those who declined)

"Toru Hashida goes to Tokyo!" Paste on a pine needle of a kushikatsu shop - Society: Nikkan Sports

"Dirty hands, can children be struck" misidentified arrests confess confession: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Boundary fishing port, lively bluefin tuna and sardine floating in large catch | Japan Sea Newspaper Net Nihonkai

Painful news (No ∀ `): South Korea" I will give you 370,000 yen when infected with MERS! Come to South Korea with confidence! "- Livedoor blog

Mt. Asama Volcano of a very small eruption NHK News

A small amount of ash fall was confirmed at Mt. Asama in the prefectural border between Nagano and Gunma on the 16th morning, about 4 kilometers away, and the Japan Meteorological Agency announced that a very small eruption had occurred at the summit crater. The Japan Meteorological Agency continues to announce the warning around the crater at the eruption warning level 2 and calls for vigilance on the big ejaculation accompanying the eruption in the range of 2 km from the crater.

Dismissed request for resident's audit of Takeo City library consignment contract | Saga Shimbun LiVE

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Girls junior high school student bathe arrested suspected voyeur NHK News

Last year, a 26-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of violating the child pornography ban law, and it was arrested that a man was invaded into a house in Suginami Ward, Tokyo and photographed girls junior high school students taking bathing 25 times, I am checking that it was repeatedly taking pictures in other houses.

"Summit Operation" 9 months, as a source of funds Female Fukuoka Prefecture x Kudo Association: Asahi Newspaper Digital

CNN.co.jp: President of Sudan leaves South Africa and is arrested

Cabarequest request, 80 minutes 266 million yen as well Kabukicho 6 stores charge: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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【There is a picture】 I will explain about the domestic airport by air lover's threads: Kini speed

Appropriate verification room Branch Student's report II (making chicken ham) - Do you like coffee?

"The Takeshima Aquarium solicits farmers at a time wage of 900 yen www www www www www black www www www www black www" so I checked the hourly wage of other aquariums - no gains to buy today Z

Business Manner Shop "Proposing Mystery Theory and Making a Profit!": Philosophy News nwk

1: Nasting if the wind blows @ \ (^ o ^) / 2015/06 / 15 (Monday) 15: 38: 08.78 ID: kN7vw0Nv0.net
"The door of the interview room knocks three times.
The second knock is the time of a toilet.

Junior High school student "I need to wear (sense of mission)"

Business manner shop "I did it."

Engels "The working class of the UK" has ended - Hiroshi Yamagata's "Triassic of the Economy"

Treatment according to the aircraft "Do you have a doctor?" · · · What is the responsibility if a suddenly ill person dies? | Lawyer Dot Com News

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Adobe starts offering Adobe Stock for the whole world | Adobe

Adobe Stock | High-quality royalty-free photos and vector images | Adobe Stock

Difference between real time and batch - kuenishi's blog

An unexpected reply came when I asked to cancel the activation restriction of VOCALOID - Niusounds

Adobe Creative Cloud launched in 2015 released | Adobe Creative Station

New appearance, major update Photoshop CC released in 2015 | Adobe Creative Station

Removal of haze. In Japan, it has already been opened to the public, but you can delete or add only objects that hinder landscapes such as haze and fog. Although the name is "Kasumi", you can also remove only the part of whitewash of the aquarium when shooting in the aquarium.

Dreamweaver CC released in 2015, greatly enhanced responsive design function? Bootstrap and Emmet adoption etc. Adobe Creative Station

Flash Professional CC Released in 2015? Born Tool Revives | Adobe Creative Station

Start handling East Asian fonts including Japanese with Typekit | Adobe Creative Station

In addition to making our Japanese (and East Asia) font library available as a desktop font, it can also be used as a Web font, in addition to the families of Kozuka Mincho and Kozuka Gothic, Heisei fondues, Kazuraki, and Ryo 's font families, which were included in Adobe' s typeface library, have been added to the Collection of Typekit.

Points to keep in the past version | Adobe Creative Station

By default, the old version is deleted and the latest version is installed.

Exhibit "Technology Morpheus" technology demonstration at SCEA booth of "E3 2015"! Weekly Diva Station

Prerequisite knowledge of Amazon Machine Learning (1/2): CodeZine

Fuji TV news agency, Twitter sign up for emergency TBS reporter - Togetter Summary

I watched a summary of "# Japanese movie All Time Best 10" that I got on Twitter, I was a little troubled - Diary of Hokusaiwolf

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Saito san comic, undecided "thinning" and meaning unknown: culture: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"Splatoon" To those who can not win with a latitude match. "In order to win with a latch match" Take advantage of number "!: Is not it just that you are tinkering your life?

In other words, by being defeated yourself, fraternity teams will be frightened and another friend from another horn will be taken over by another.

And it gets guaranteed and loses. To be defeated yourself is such a thing that the opponent takes away the advantage of the number.

If you hold a grudge against God's Copyright Law. Not JASRAC, but the law. - Eye of the eyes from the top of @ sophizm

Timing is too good. What is this. JASRAC appealed 171 companies, 258 facilities nationwide, to the summary court on June 9, USEN and Recochok announced on June 15, the announcement of less than a week. It's like aimed at timing. Timing as if it was estimated. It's like the timing as if you were talking about your back.

Do not be afraid.

No, there is no assurance that you have to admit or adjust your mouth. So, if you were to tell the truth, you would say that you should not be playful. If so, if it was in anticipation of a new service to start socially violent act of filing a lawsuit, it seems that it is casually inducing a new service. In a sense, I feel that advertisement of new service is made by a hard way of litigation. 258 facilities sued were not a sacrifice. Bury 258 sacrifices in the cemetery and summon new services? Playful.

2016 Performance Lineup 【Takarazuka Grand Theater · Tokyo Takarazuka Theater】 | News | Takarazuka Revue Official Website

Introduction of new technology demonstration "Summer lesson E 3 2015 DEMO" PV - YouTube

Chess Battle Relay plus: Eve before the Festival Talk Show

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What is the identity of "the darkness of my heart" held by idol and fans - - Underground idol · Himeko Tama thinks - Real Sound | Real sound

Shinzaki Ai burned dumpling and posted a movie just to eat → Recognize the splendor of all humanity 【God's 30 seconds】 - Togetter Summary

Gymnasts criticized as "sexual appearance", voices of advocacy Southeast Asa contest 8 pictures International News: AFPBB News

"It's a topic that Mexican female conductors are conducting so much fun." Overseas reactions | Tasteless and odorless powerfulness of leisure

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(PDF file)Notice of Yoshinoya "Negisarose Pork Bowl" on sale

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